Casting Brass

I used my ferriers forge to melt copper wire and then cast the molten copper into an impression mold that I had made. Self hardening clay was sprayed with silicone and placed in a tray of Plaster of Paris that was allowed to solidify before I removed the coated clay.

Similarly, I melted soy wax pellets in a pot on the stove and when the wax had hardened I removed the milk carton cardboard and heated metal sculpture tools with a cigar torch lighter and carved the wax into a somewhat empty sphere on a pedestal.

The uncompleted project is intended to proceed with the wax sculpture inverted and immersed in a garbage bag lined mid sized cardboard box, in hopes that the plaster of Paris may still withstand the heat of copper or brass once the wax has been removed with a propane torch..

Future possibilities include processes common to ceramic art. I hope to some day make use of a ceramic kiln and potter’s throwing wheel to add clay and fired clay to Plaster of Paris and other mold and metal casting processes.

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