Panning and Sieving

I am publishing my thesis, and other writings, for the greatest public good.

Born in 1976, my pre mortem life was a formulative basis of future research and academic pursuits which then were to be subsequent to an unforseen mortal brain wound in 1994. My post mortem thesis and writings were, therefore, predominantly researched, conceptualized, written and published by my company, PEYTORILL CT LLC, after my brain wound. My ideas have thus been developed in conjunction with circumstances and the further stipulated track of my academic and clinical life. And, the magnifications of university life and psychiatric hospital care since my 1994 brain injury have been substantial.

My 10yr Hampton Roads achievement of a 2004 Clemson/UMass bachelor of science in Energy, Natural Resources and Environment is contemporaneous to approximately 27 years in the care of Yale Psychiatry, and the entirety of my learning across the past quarter century is the cumulative result of my eastern seaboard odyssey, in my injured mind condition; through a realm of dialectical partisanship argumentation.

I initially and for decades dedicated myself to my willful efforts; intended to overcome the illusory yet non sensory obstacles besieging me via some typification of the synaptic processes of my experiential information obtainment. Still, perhaps $15 million dollars of psychiatric pharmacotherapy has improved the clouds which once obscured a clarity I recalled from youth. Medicine has perhaps rebuilt and elucidated pathways in my cerebral cortex whereby truths proceed to my core vantage through the real and perceptual chaos which has and will, in the entirety of prognostics, continue to pan and sieve in selective isolating function the inputs of my quest’s overall accumulations of the aurum glow of knowledge which I seek.

My right temporal lobe brain damage has caused me difficulties in gathering all that I might pursue. Yet, the obstacles and the solutions have led to my understanding of certain complexities and truth. I perceive a refinement of a truth through an ostensible and now pharmacological lense or filter of the spatial, lingual and temporal contexts of my existence, and my resultant vantage is intelligence pertaining to an isolated truth.

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