Peaceful now, decades into this. I was thinking just a moment ago that no one has spoken to me substantively on America’s bicameralism. The modality is so prescribed in both it’s thesis and antithesis. One is always the other also.

Yet, I don’t have much interest in talking about the lonely abandon of seeing partisanship as an induced delusion. I don’t think I am capable of talking to many people, yet I actually feel very saved by SSA and my benefit.

Jesus spent decades in the Sinia before being baptized by John in the Jordan. I have heard there is a monastery at the base of Moria. I suppose I am digging in here. I think I am going to buy a VHF handheld radio and a bicycle trailer so that I can grocery shop at Wades and Geisslers. I bought a mountain bike a quarter century ago because I had always wanted one. I rode it once or twice.

SSA has been a blessing and a curse. I have my freedom and the wherewithal to obtain the requisite basis of hanging on in peace. However, I am removed from all of the contexts of any peers I have or might have ever had, and other contexts of career and family have disappeared.

I have seemingly become a professional disabled American. I am getting amazingly good with my devices. The VHF handheld idea is a development of and I have been researching the licensure and thinking about how I might get myself an FM radio station. Computerized radio within the context of radio syndication seems to be creating for me a hope of a lawful three base station arrangement of what may be hubs to VHF transceiving with the added benefit of connectivity via internet to any other company or corporation with a similar base station setup for a network of handhelds and mobiles. Conversations in bandwidths are open channel and can then be selectively further broadcast on FM. I understand that VHF has a range of about 60 miles at around 5watts. I am a few miles from Hartford, Connecticut.

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