This random sculptural experiment, subsequent to contemplation, has led me to believe that a block of wood with a basic figure constructed from square stock and dowel could be made with drywall screws and epoxy. Then, wire mesh will be a great base for plaster of Paris and cheese cloth.

I am also thinking of Bondo. Either way, grinders and palm sanders will prove utile.

Finally, wood putty, additional sanding and filing in whatever finish form not sculpted with the plaster or Bondo, will make a sculpture ready for paint. I like oil paint, yet envision an auto body finish, having ideated regarding the Bondo.

I remember sculpting this way in my elementary school art class with my teacher Hans Strobitski. It was the year after the previous art teacher, Mr Granuchi, had absconded with Miss Picalli, who was later to become Mrs. Granuchi.

Michael Buckley had been chosen for the Talented and Gifted (TAG) program. Disgruntled, I rode my Haro Freestyler bicycle to the Buckley homestead, inadvertently recked Michael’s TAG project, and infiltrated Mike’s little boy electronics laboratory.

There, Southeastward across the laboratory from the 8 Track; Mr Buckley had gifted his son a rotary phone digital uplink machine which permitted him to send many bytes of computational data to the command center.

Years later, south of the Mall arboretum at the Smithsonian museum, a giant pile of such amazing machines was on display. I had just stood upon the steps of the rotunda and decided it was unwise to enter, because, previously, I had approached the Lincoln memorial and symptomatic of my disorder… for a frightening instant seen the tomb of the unknown soldier at Lincoln’s feet… just before soldiers South and North of me as I faced West; pivoted and disappeared around the sides of the monument.


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