Simply, the ORATION FLUX MODULE is a portable podium machine intelligence processing system.

There are inward and outward continuums relative to the OFM system. An audience opinion, objection and contribution input filtration system aspect presents the observational confrontation to the thesis presentation at the speaker set position at the delegation foci via an algorithm and sapience jurisdiction and information retrieval methodology unto a delegate data processing contribution selection feed system interface at the limitrophe that is designed for participatory review of a thesis that is being supported, substantiated and which thus employs the OFM as acting in defense of the authorial speech by the author regarding their thesis.

The OFM system “reading” the audience device array configuration simultaneously to the speech consists of a podium, microphone and amplification system, web capable delegate computers both filtering the local and remote device arrays and also managing the secure support database system in service of the speaker. The live speech outline synopsis teleprompter pertaining to the synoptic outline is paralleled by the the database access point teleprompter for the speaker to use via keyboard and mouse, and mirror screens pertaining to the thesis presentation are configured as facing both the audience and the delegation, wherein the podium henge set point is operated with a simultaneously independent and also delegate moderated secure thesis database web configuration.

Thus, the tablet teleprompter system mirrors the board delegate computer sieving process of the audience device array inputs from the security of the bulwark of it’s own ramparted speaker access of the thesis database and it’s prepared thesis vantage stance of responsorial answering is therefore both live and highly defensible yet responsive.

One teleprompter is the live speech henge set point outline synopsis. The other teleprompter presents an in depth data retrieval option for digression processes pertaining to valid and acknowledged antithetical affront to the research center point, and has keyboard and mouse control interface for the speaker to cooperate with delegates familiar with the presenter thesis.

Mirrored screens present outputs unto the audience in live format from the delegates which are thus being synopsized synchronous with the live speech outline teleprompter exchange and is also displayed on one of the output screens directed at the audience. And, another audience output mirror screen presents data from the device arrays being loaded towards the audience as the initial mirror screen and it is synchronous with the speaker teleprompter and inward feed screen with windows of intelligence to the speaker and responsive to the audience configurations.

On one side of the limitrophe, which delegates then filter and present in a synchronous temporality with mirror screens observable only to the delegates and speaker on the venue stage, there is the thesis center point speakers podium.

The OFM system creates a symbiosis interface through the exchange flux limitrophe and defends the data system support of the speaker which is independently accessable as a thesis database by variable configurations of the speaker and delegate system and paralleled with the populations of contributor participants accessing the OFM system via the configurations of device arrays.

The center point OFM podium system thereby provides a speaker and their delegates a constructive filtration opportunity capable of providing live leader caused presentation and response speech relative to a lifetime of research which can optimally therein respond on point to any compendium of antithetical opposition to the thesis.

This postulated speech enhancement machine is currently merely in a prototype research and development phase. A live on stage cardboard box mockup configuration experiment is now occurring in the auditorium during your science teacher’s after school homework help time allotment as debate rages everywhere regarding an internet shopping budget for the projects eventual completion.

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