I want to meet with groups consisting of all of my friends, with additional members of families and also with additional friends, and to elect a moderator who will control a stopwatch, a gavel, and a light weight item of ceremonial importance. A family gathering is the intended format for this, yet this type of holiday party parlor game idea also here serves as a structural metaphor for a larger process and for a larger organization.

Then, time permitting, everyone in the group, or groups over time, or groups comprised of elected representatives from each sub group, will as individuals speak for 2 or more minutes, with rules written in this process as it occurs; before each individual’s time is gaveled to an end and they then pass the ceremonial item of the present speaker to anyone present whom they choose by the determined process.

When every pertaining individual has spoken; the process can then be voted to repeat immediately or at a future time, or for an open discussion and process, such as the submission of written ideations, etcetera, to accordingly present rules changes or further elections of persons to speak in summary of the previous allotted time sequence regarding the collective statements, and regarding any collective synopsis of a premise whereby the group process and purpose shall be elucidated.

Perhaps the entire process could be transcribed, with the added possibility of computational advantage, by someone elected to be the stenographer, and assistants or staff. And, a similarly elected body of non partisan representatives could then be charged with writing a meeting minutes document outline and summary in good faith, accurately, and in truthful accordance with what was said by each and all in the discussion process. This, then, might be formulative of an agenda for the next and subsequent discussions.

Thus, each stenography transcription process and compiled subsequent synoptic directive writings by said chosen leaders could process available documentation of the formatted and transcribed discussion and proceed through an agreed upon process whereby a collective group thesis statement, at temporal points and therein evolving, would serve as the record and be comprised as a recurring concise thesis statement edit opportunity, rewording of the abstract, reformulation of the outline, and as therefore as the formal, and perhaps digital, document; with resultant interpretations, conclusions, opinions, and questions therein included whenever pertaining to the cause, purpose, directives, vision, and additionally in acknowledgement of anything unresolved. The process, and the document at any time possible to assemble as the temporal compilation; will then be written so as to serve as requisite study for distribution to persons seeking the join or to continue their participation in the sessions of PEYTORILL.

The same yet perhaps modified discussion process will then be applied to an evolving process of collective expression pertaining to the synoptic importance of any issue deemed resolved and theirin and in accordance with the process deemed to be submitted for the Corporate record, defined as being faced by all of PEYTORILL, or when anticipated by constituent compatriots and then in due process iterated and recorded, and when by ideations effecting or of the collective PEYTORILL organization of individuals then shall be similarly written and recorded, and then that the process will continue at the next and at each subsequent monthly, annual or semiannual meeting of PEYTORILL.

I submit my thesis, PEYTORILL.com/Thesis, as reading vital to a directive for beginning a thus determinable and specified collective process of contribution to the mission of PEYTORILL. I also request similar submissions of statements and theses, by participants and those desirous of participation, and that participation occur in accordance with their own volition.

Note: some statistical mathematical method of weighting session results and then compiling proofs of importance in contributory proceedings is deserving of consideration.

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