Gulag Death Festival

Now apparently imminent is an impending Central Eurasian food, fodder, and fuels shortage, initially beginning at this harvest season, which logically can be predicted to subsequently now induce a cascading collapse of everything in all of central Eurasia, especially now that the Koskovka dam breach has destroyed the primary former Soviet grain belt and it’s food and fodder production.

Agronomical failure regionally may now catalyze a terror and pogrom vortex subsequent to this here stated collapse of agriculture for the former Soviet block given the Ukrainian grain oblasts all having being crippled.

Yet another historic giant festival of gulag death for the masses appears initiated now like the flip side seepage eastward in a 1940’s and 1950’s nightmare behind the iron curtain which was a juxtaposition eastward and away from the WWII Nazi blitzkrieg into Rhur for anthracite liquifaction derivative war inputs that Germany needed in its ultimately futile attempt to fuel the Nazi war machines and especially the Luftwaffe’s resistance of the USAAF air supremacy.

Note that eastern Europe has engulfed armies before as in the similar way Bonaparte had previously destroyed France while attempting a conquest of Prussia and Russia’s Agronomy. It was subsequent to his imperial decree that the great plains was a useless wilderness that France should divest itself of via the Louisiana Territory sale of 1803. And, now there seems another impending era of mass deaths in Russia that is becoming unavoidable yet again…

There seems a statistical probability of some type of regional implosion and of a gigantic starvation war gulag pogrom and death festival like the last time 60,000,000 Russians died under “Joe” Stalin with all that contemporaneous and proximal famine, strife, rape, murder, and pestilence.

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