Politic de Mantra

Mantra broadcasting system application of particular televized paradigmatic theater mask faces of janus typifications are a synopsis duplicity.

Inductions of such privately prescribed thought archetype are being presented as irrefutable and correspondingly then indoctrinated within the societal id.

Via control and use of machines by a private and landed corporate wealth holding owner class of the media industrial complex corporations; an increasingly singular promulgation of power now arises as the one acceptable thought process justifying valid citizenship.

And, because these specific populist behavioral archetypes as here defined are then and thereby stipulated further into the public consciousness and comprehension of science and truth itself via this kind of de facto thought process mandate, which is then also believed to be the citizenry’s universally chosen and irrefutable belief structure; they in fact are therefore a grievous threat to our USA.

And, these private corporate stipulations, which thereby compel a requisite popular and violently exclusive adherency to the private prescription corporate public opinion via a popularly assumed universal consent and will to believe in the promulgation of the media industrial complex thought assertion owner class (here a metaphor: the bicameral blood or crip cap color dispute) does as an infringement upon freedom of belief and expression thereby constitute a private application of an extraordinary popular delusion which is being applied as an irrefutable singularity without conscious popular consent… by the media industrial complex.

So, given that the politic mantra is then the token permission for civil passage to valid citizenship which is additionally thus requisite in order to avoid persecution facilitated by the common misunderstanding of the distant crying in a proverbial wilderness that is we pray to be found and understood subsequent to being external and unwelcome to the promulgation modality; leadership then becomes possible to define as an offensive posturing of desperate dissent by the ideal and personification of the premise of leadership written of by Plato and therein stated to be the Socratic leader of a Republic.

These media industrial complex thought mantras are then and therefore of express and urgent concern to PEYTORILL and regard a prescription for new leadership information systematics.

(Accordingly, the image presented above is offered as a metaphor in graphic design and as a politic emblem.)

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