Wasps, IRA, Che

Wheretofore doth the dominion purveyors and thence propertied landholder class ruler honkey WASP Angol Saxon oppessors of “we ourselves alone”, the Irish Republican Army (IRA); which in histories recorded hath been subject to the oppression therein epitomized by thee orange unionist black and tan militia, etcetera, and which additionally hath summarily thence proceeded with historic unlawful actions which in their purport of a Royal House of Windsor Supremacy over other houses and o’er our patriotic independence from Windsor (see: Royal House of Lords. Act, 1534, H. IIX, of Windsor, such as delineates Harold himself, no less) with its logical reversion to Catholicism and which additionally somehow hath ostensibly presided o’er the succession of a puritanical angol derrivation of supreme dominion powers from the Windsor held throne except via the likes of Revere and which thenceforth hath asserted a control of the northern hemisphere which additionally hathe then been whot it were, as if, and whot thence did oppress global Catholicism (Namely that of Spain) which then in revolt against the Union Era third campaign of northern colonial Confederation state union territorial advance posterior to the declaration of Independence and Treaty of Paris was stated and actualized as being a neo-colonial aggression against global Spanish territory by the newly independent wasp class which was then and subsequent to 1898 defined by Che as though it all be all like dey alone them wasp honkeys doth sustain all dis “up in here”. For, it is such that amidst oppression and strive resultant of Supremacy 1534 it is such that whence midst the wasp oppression for real da kickin hot Latinas be “all that” and summarily shake it for me as fine housekeeping whilst so perfectly done up and admittedly so hot on scenes like in retail, and where additionally these latina babes are professional and competent in agriculture and be taking over da beauty industry?

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