SEAL Ranger

Getting down on the farm to forking manure and toothbrushing the toilet, all postal, as I strove to become “the” Hampton Roads country gentleman physician SEAL Ranger, Commodore, General, and Senator… was too much for me.

This remains true today, especially a quarter century after being maimed at a barbecue and trained in seppuku “as if” I might offend the emperor.

So, my wounds have had me partially hospitalized for about a quarter century, and, actually, the near $15,000,000 in Federally funded pharmacotherapy has me finally fearless and feeling good. Damn Good.

I am happy an comfortable now, and, like the set point in my dead reckoning of this surrounding henge’s flux schism, mine; I feel truly confident in Yale Psychiatry, so long as the SSA pays for things; because I am “Never Served”.

I am a racing mind in a sedated and sublimated state of being. I publish via my primary domain, and, PEYTORILL.Army, SPONTE.Army, LEUCOCEPHALUS.Army and .Navy, HAMPTONROADS.Army, and GROTON.Navy, as well as USDA.Army, USFS.Army, USDOI.Army, TARHE.Army, COMFORT.Navy, and others all direct to each domain can be promoted on browsers, and will support independent websites, where I would intend to be honest, simple, and straightforward, while the primary intention would remain directing everything to

Yet, I persist in this with the only funding for PEYTORILL being my SSA Disability from SSA in the form of my benefit of $1212/mo, and room, board and cash assistance of around $400 per month from my father. I also support my clothes, computers, goods and tools purchases, and pantry preparedness stock, as well as an ability to pack and to relocate again if such should again become my reality.

I hope my readers choose to help me by alerting people to my writing and my primary domain PEYTORILL or one of the directed domains into PEYTORILL. I intend to educate, and to advise on outfitting, equipping, and supplying people and families who believe in my writing as it is published currently at my /Thesis extension.

Decades into disability, and heavily medicated, I am still, or perhaps once again, seeking my first wife, and never having met her; I pray there is a woman in my life who will love me as I am: too much and not enough of just about everything.

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