Whole Dominion

– Simon Flynn, PEYTORILL


Civilian and military jurisdictional definitions at municipal, state, federal and international levels within bureau and departmental structures present challenging frameworks for law pertaining to sea, air and land power in our USA’s history and have been a global precedent setting reality since before the 1860’s.

The 1970 Magnusen Stevens Act pertains to territorial waters off Saint George’s banks in a legislative context similar to the westward migration of the US frontier subsequent to the Homestead Act of 1862.

Illness scuttled my circa 2000 application for employment at the Bucksport NewPage paper mill which was operating subsequent to the IP abandonment of its Stamford Connecticut headquarters and the Knox Bucksport location.

Recently in Connecticut; Freeport MacMoran has been in the procedure of departing from Stamford Connecticut.

EV’s and P. taeda infrastructure make requisite Cu for transmissions as Afghanistan operations pertain to Li and Cd for batteries.

Re 20th c. multiple phase organic carboniferous fuels: Civil engineering construction in the 20th century was not accompanied by any subsequent development of a viable infrastructural superconductor materiel and there is yet to be a chemically engineered materiel option functional at much over approximately 0°K in laboratory settings.

Whole Oceans fisheries objectives off Saint George’s Banks pertain to resource harvest, extraction, allocation and conservation.

Metals, forest products, and fisheries products are important in the northeast, and in Connecticut, today.


Land Sale and Purchase Scenarios.

Theodore Turner

Billionaire landholder and land real estate transactions by Ted Turner and Roxanne Quimby pertain to our USA’s historic debate over public and private domain lands and to Energy, Natural Resources and Environment.

Roxanne Quimby


– Simon Flynn

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