Brain Law Society

In the science fiction story…

Og’s proletariat populace obediently watches the mind beam from Og Island.

Yet, “Og Media Mutual Fund” (NYSE: OMMF) owns the private corporate Media Industrial Complex”, and it’s syndicated algorithm mind control beam, and Og’s mind beam doesen’t reach the hinterlands…

There, the food machines gather and transport sustenance to the coast zones.

And, accordingly, Og’s people all vote to elect Og’s promulgated “ostensibly charismatic and benevolent leaders”, or, the OCBL, who wear blue baseball caps and pledge to vote on all of the actual laws, on behalf of Og voters, and in good faith… if, and only if, the “Og Electoral College” (OEC) agrees with the sentiments of the “Ogsters”.

So, the ostensibly charismatic and benevolent leaders vow to vote on behalf of the adherents of Og, on all of the actual laws and to subsequently use the Og beam to espouse an approximate truth, devoid of the intellectual property of non OOMF corporations, and, to do so on behalf of Og’s people….

The OCBL then legislates universal disability and inaction amongst all citizens. And, only medical aerospace chemical engineer PhD brain surgeons can have any money at all.

We, ourselves, alone, survive on pomme de terre.

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