Someone please save me.

I, “Simon Alan Flynn [IV]” was maimed and taught to be ritualisticly suicidal via an illegal administering of psychotropic drugs by a US Navy GI Bill Clemson University freshman named “David Packie” in 1994 and subsequently illegally arrested on grounds of being “strange and unusual” in Killingworth CT in 1998. And, I was initially brought into Yale sublimation in a hospital setting via a syringe; while reciting the fourth ammendment verbatim.

I have been a Psychiatric ward of SSA, CTDMHAS, YALE and my father “Simon Albert Flynn III” for 29 years. I am neither authorized, assisted, or funded to work or do anything in any way beyond room and board, (yet the Federal government has spent $15,000,000 sedating and sublimating me for three decades.)

Pre existing condition laws make earning over Connecticut minimum illegal for me, and SSA laws make saving more than $2400 illegal for “disabled americans” such as I am said to be despite familial and popular opinion to the contrary.

I want to work in the capacity of my Bachelor of Science in Energy,  Natural Resources and Environment. I feel persecuted and hated for “being so lucky” and “not having to work”. While the reality is that I have only enough money for devices, clothing, tools I dutifully buy and am forbidden to use, and the cases and packs with which I dream of leaving.

I am told I may “go with nothing” and yet I cannot for medical reasons. I am illegally coerced and under duress for rent. In every way, I can only plead “no contest”.

Annulments, circumstance, stigma, and my inability to be within any context have left me in unavowed celibacy and without a wife for my entire lifetime.

Jesus Christ states in scripture that suicides are both the perpetrator and the victim of murder and thus that hell is unavoidable if I take my own life. I fear imprisonment for my faith in Jesus Christ. Still, no one loves me and I am unwed.

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