Nature Walks

I am not a taxonomy dogmatist of wild places, forests and gardens enough to say officially that the problem with taxonomic theory in education is that it is overly augmentative and enumerative of species, specifically.

In stead of listing specific Latin terms AD NAUSEAM; taxonomic theory should be understood as the traditional, branching, structural nomenclature of evolutionary phenomenon; instead of being seen strictly as catalogues of individuals or individual types.

Phenomenon of speciations thence are the crux of a taxonomic map understood by Charles Darwin in the time of the Hindu influence upon the Royal Dutch East Indian Raj, and are then a theological context for divinity in creation, and for creation therefore surrounding divinity; whence creation otherwise actively exists with divine guidance.

In fact, while thinking this type of thought recently, I was attempting to recall the lineal hierarchical levels where temporal phenomenon such as eyes, skull, femur, angiosperm and gymnosperm differentiate between organisms in the way that mammal and marsupial seem to partition at some postulated point in the plate tectonic and insular biogeographic theory of the Gia Hypothesis.

This is to say that if a branch in the tree of life occurs at a point of, say, the evolutionary arrival of vertebrae, then a study of these geological time temporalities is of more significance than endless catalogues of genus and species scatter plot data in certain contexts.

Thus, dynamic populations of species, are, in the strict context of taxonomy, both exemplary and transcendent of the parameters of such things as skeletal structure similarities at any particular class, order, family or genus delineation.

The forks in the road are more significant in a sense, and the theoretical nuance of persistent viable mutation in evolving populations then is a basis for the exception within the aforementioned static understanding.

So, if in evolutionary terms creation is occurring in the present instant; then there is a taxonomic cartography which can often be understood and theorized about in a past tense scenario whereby the reality of now has built.

That map then presents a continuum proceeding into future scenarios that pertains to the biotic world and to biometric quantifications of all life as being dynamic and undeniably divine and carnal simultaneously; upon this earth.

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