The Process

I made a gavel and block today from a piece of oak and a piece of old dowel. Arguably a prototype, and arguably the original; I am going to put this carpentry into my ruck sack.

Then, although I may give it to my sister Meghan Wilks’ family, I am hoping that Jenifer Lopez and her two sons will agree to help me create, or modify, this “family dining room table game” that I have been planning for many years.

Somewhat like academia; “the process”, thus far, involves creating, deciding on, and following rules so that everyone can get a chance to talk and listen.

Also, a cartographic and engineering aspect of the process includes large pieces or rolls of 1″ graph paper, like a quilting mat or sail maker’s grid on the table, and also drafting and drawing instruments, reputable reference books, textbooks, manuals, schematics, drawings, photographs, and the Bible, from school, work and church, as well as clipboards, perhaps a drafting board or easel, and various types of paper, tab file folders with stickers and such, office, legal, and index card paper and cabinets, use of computers according to the rules, and perhaps polyhedral dice… for when the discussion is more of a game and involves game pieces and pewter figurines, or chips that might otherwise be cast aside.

Any idea is welcome and any individual’s stipulation can be made into a rule when the group agrees in accordance with the established process. Basically, it’s a talking and listening game on a family table.

Discussion is essential and the final component of the process is some type of ceremonial object which would be held by the designated speaker at any given time… with the moderator using the gavel and stopwatch, etcetera, to enforce the agreed upon and evolving rules of the discussion, which would perhaps pertain to the symbolism of the ceremonial object to be passed from speaker to speaker.

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