Jethro Tull

My statement about agronomists Jethro Tull, John Deere and Cyrus MacCormack is about mechanized agriculture and geopolitics.

John Deere

Jethro Tull, John Deere, and Cyrus MacCormack liberated the agricultural proletariat …to the West of Germany.

In 1900, subsequent to Jethro Tull and around the time of John Deere and Cyrus MacCormack, 98% of Western civilization was directly or indirectly involved in food production.

Cyrus MacCormack

By 2000, the demographic statistic had inverted, and only 2% of Americans were farmers.

Further, the Union’s success in the Federalization during and after the 1860’s had begun a process of relocating the newly mechanized agricultural population westward, southward, and away from most population centers.

A power vacuum subsequent to the capacity to successfully build a white suburbia led white homeowners to new and unfounded ideas as epitomized by such phenomenon as “Earth Day”.

And, today, although ecology has developed into real science amongst real scientists; the harvest readiness of regrowth timber crops on federal lands is now hindered by the ecological ideations, and homebuilding for a diverse group of American citizens has definitively stagnated due to environmental concerns.

Simultaneously; evils such as the Sioux extirpation by the Union Era second campaign (the Union Indian Campaign), are defensible as the Federation increasingly feeds China and India a plentiful supply of Wheat, Corn and Soy foods having only bulk sea tranport hurdles to surmount as American crop yields continue to burgeon.

Finally, since the tragic attack on Koskovka, it should be well understood that it will be the USA’s Agronomical might which will feed Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “tens of millions of happy babes”.

Yet, “It will be “[we] alone, the ten thousand, who will know the difference between good and evil.”

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