So, you want multipurposed fleets of C, B, A, and civilian server regulated alternative vehicles now; and they need Magnusen Superger and Jake exhaust braked fluid dynamic momentum control type interface and power regulating software optimized scavenging fuel system Cat 4 banging power red, white, blue soybean and corn E20+ sasonal mix low jell, all the time, biofuel driven engine power with the mechanical advantage of, say, an integral hydronamic clutch electronic automatic Eaton Fuller 13 on things like a Cat powered knobby wide Mopar baha suspension freedom stang, and, essentially, a full transportation sector redesign, retraining, retooling, re-manufacturing, rebuilding, and redistribution, on a budget, and subsequent to an FDR War Bureau meltdown of available scrap Fe, Cu, Al, etc, wihout Li or Cd mining in Afghanistan, and all of it must occur in under three decades, or humanity will perish, and, the engines will only function while Iraqi reserves of organic carboniferous biosubstrate reserves last in the warzone, now that Guar is gone, an oh, no, we don’t want an invasion of Persia or any defense of CPEC depletion eternality pathways, and, you say, over rainforest blend coffee and banana cashew scones that we need similar controls on such as pyrometered manifolds or afterburners of diesel turbine class A rigs and locomotives, and you never took ecology 100 class or or an engineering seminar? Heck!

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