Moon The

Oz within Oэ

Attn., Doctor Space Nerd:

A letter of Ore unto the people of “Earth”, in regards to earth satelite “The”, and, regarding this epoch of our Lord, and the petrol rock; wherein the dominion of Oz hath been asserted upon our currently biometric planet “Earth”.

I, I, (/simon), have completed my extrordinary endurance athleticism with hypoxic and catabolic induction of damage to my neural and neuroglian body tissues.

I perhaps have a history of catobalizing my lower body as food for me; in the time when “my body ate my body” for energy suficient therein to sustain my strenuous University undergraduate life of traveling Eastern Seaboard D1 aquatics exercise and cloistered study.

At the time, I was broke and afforded merely the nutrition of a pavlovian hybridized Thouroubed, Clydesdale, Pegasus, and Posiedon symbiosis phenomenon being, and, admittedly was then becoming insane due to my having been previously poisoned at “The Thornhill Village 29L Clemson University barbeque” whence my training as a samurai subordinate to the shogunate began. Still, I could not walk on water. I fondly recall the Tiger Town Tavern cheese fries, the upside-down merchaum, and bikini clad babes strewn before the pre Morrill Act military academy clocktower, and, time; when my car wouldn’t start.

It was then, after transfer to the 1873 Union Officers’ academy at Amherst, as a macrobioti semi vegan chicken parm and beer lover with a previous affinity for bovid lactose fatigue induction which I at that temporality abandoned for pure speed despite my slow physiological mechanics in the fluid medium of my personal sensory deprivation tank facility, known to some as “Boyden Hall” when i began to formulate several questions:

1) How did I elongate my clavicles and build thoracic musculature typified by my 56R jacket, and, having, subsequent to my appropriately timed and legal Psychiatric capture as catalyzed within Connecticut medical courts in accordance with the laws and stipulated precedent within this Morrill Act consumer population zone of our Federation …due to my abrubt withdrawl from UMass and subsequent matriculation at NETTTS, wheretofor I have since ventured now decades into Yale clinical Psychiatric sublimation and sedation, and now admittedly traversing the limitrophe of my “consciousness realms” and perhaps am now awakening too quickly; doth hereby further alert thee, Doctor Space Nerd, and our earthling compatriots, of this fact regarding the above plasma computer transponder device:

The э of Oэ (Which is Russian for Oz) is Slavic cryllic of Eastern Orthodox linguistic origin east of Brandenburg and the entirety of Gaul, and, not a molecular chemical formula pertaining to the covalence theories of Bohr.

Thus; pertaining additionally to Bohrian ideations of Ore upon Earth sattelite “The”; cease paying attention to lunar prospecting exploration mission stoichiometry equations and schematics regarding high frequency energy transport wave beams with loci at terrestrial and lunar relay point disk locations. Effective immediately.

And, although you may rediscover this information, as I have, yet in your own 1990’s Popular Science Magazine collection, allow me to to postulate a Grand KES/HK Council review of all claims of there being highly dispersed mother lodes of Oэ in the substrate of the Earth sattelite “Moon The” (which has only ever been definitively known as the moon “The”, a scientific fact which I have deduced from my research that is now leading to current political outcry for an intelligence publication of the true name of our USA’s territorial acquisition of Earth sattelite “The”).

And, not to digress, yet, “The” is now orbiting “Earth” without a fancy name like “Oppressotour BETA One”). And, it is subject to various forces which may, over exponentially huge quantities of space time, shoot it de facto to beyond the theoretically infinite Newtonian gravitaional force field of Earth and into distant space, or, be causal of it’s crashing into “Earth”.

This, if several decades worth of technical tomes pertaining to heliocentric science data which forsee global warming phenomenon supported by solar weather eco-proxy data statistical derivation proofs as being conducive to my new theory that an impending supernova of our earth system’s star “Sun” will likely occur “at some time”. And, that the resultant terminal end of our currently warming Earth, and also of “The”, will coincide with the initial gigantic cosmic explosion of “Sun”.

Thus, it is theoretically inevitible that as the exploded matter from Earth’s closest star “Sun” retreats gravitationally backwards over time and becomes a black hole with quazar beams of pure energy which will be spewing particles outwards from the phenomenon’s super dense core and along a dual singularity space vector, existing within the dual vector dynamic continuum, and at that time beaming the super energy outwards fron the explosions implosion density core energy source existing then at the previous instantaneous locale coordinates of “Sun” outwards in now unknown directions while defined as the aforementioned energy beam duplicity there being in two highly specific yet currently unknown energy beam vector foci directions, as my theory predicts. So, this might disrupt the previously mentioned two possible and probable futures of “The”*

*Aspects of this theorizing have historially been overriden by extreme geocentric catholic papal edicts which have at times issued decrees inclusive of orders for the inquisition in times such as the Renaissance wherein the said were dutifully thence subjected to the inquisition by Jesuits..

So, accordingly, have faith that star “Sun” and earth satellite “The” are safe, for now, anyway…

And, in stead, think of something pertaining to our modernity of conflict between Oz and a more cryllic than lunar definition of Oэ, opon which we may soon see the rule of Oz; whilst we also we pause, currently, any and all planning of putting green canal builders into orbit, and of heavy lift rocket limitations for Oэ moon mining operations making requisite plans to build a space elevator, or, pertaining to previous ideations regarding lighter alloys for such as space vessel fueselage futtock stuctural paneling in marine mammal relocaion scenarios.

Also, suspend all consideration of our USA’s vehicle, vessel and craft of Space Force’s fleet requirements pertaining to construction methods requiring metallurgical processes involving lodes likely available in ore extraction scenarios beyond the astereroid belt pending the future advent of space ore lode extraction machines, schlag heap planetary environment remediation law review, metalurgical lode shipping space logistics flight plan dispatch tower personel training manual author hiring procedures, and planetechnical data proxy assessment of extraction sites, subsequent to access route building and requisite overburden removal permitting and signatory action in accordance with all materiel site lease law firm processes now pending cumulative “geological” and space fungal ecology review reporting conducive to a grounbreaking ceremonial shovel purchase and bill of lading form submission in the case of any adequate release of funds from Space Force. Effective immediately.

Additionally, issue the following statement immediately:

Many metalurgical ore substrates within outer planets and their satellites present other than highly vital resource exploitation opportunities.

Thank You,



p.s. I am too exhausted to edit this again.

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