Spectra’s Specter

A Wildlife Biology essay about MhZ perception by certain species in the Linnael Kindom of Animalia, with a concluding postulation regarding Migratory and Predator species within Class Aves. Read on…

The Better Mousetrap…

Though I haven’t strategically placed le fromage in this pentagonal trap prototype installation; I have achieved what was once thought impossible: the better mouse trap:

“The Pentagonal Box Trap”.

I intend to camouflage (there is a “u” in camouflage) this 5@2×36°=72° Mitered Cinquant (see: PHI, and Pythagoras’s Golden Rule) 5 corner miter angle carpenters rodent trap with drab paint, faux foliage, alphaneumeric stencils, and ghillie fabric. Perhaps the project needs an IR light, as from a red light bulb, on a battery and timer, that would be similar to a red spectra military flashlight’s light.

Or, as you will soon read… a UV light, in place of an IR light, might function for a Honeybee swarm or Queen Bee Trap might be possible if the light in the trap functioned when bees were looking for nice flowers.

…and, the current pentagonal box trap pictured above could possibly have GI Joe figures, plastic army men, vehicles and craft…

So, if a trapper were camouflaged nearby, and with the cheese in place… an unsuspecting gerbil…


Yet, I have more serious thoughts on dangerous and nuisance wildlife, including anti herptological and pro entomological purposing for trapping techniques pertaining to MhZ spectras.

I believe that infrared spectra light (not necessarily thermal sources, so, not just heat lamps; might trap vipers and not other serpents), and, that ultraviolet spectra light might lure honey bees from or into forests, or draw out the polymorphous queen and her drones in an inverse way as “smoking out the insects”; which could be a serious entomology experiment for an apiarist, desingned to be better for forests than the blue bug zappers of my childhood which collaterally killed desirable forest moths and not the targeted mosquitos.


(Shout! To CTDMV plates “NVY DAD”)

And, coincidentally, another, more sinister person amongst online persons I have met was actually a Yale research biologist specializing in certain chemical and classical pavlovian conditioning experiments with rodentia.

And, I introduced him to the biographical book “Pavlov.” (The author’s name; “Daniel Todes” reminds me, personally of the “Book of Daniel” and a notorious herptological “mania high” said to be induced by licking certain species of tropical forest and super tropical arid desert toads… not simply of the Soviet Psychiatric General and “experimental dog surgeon”.)

Oz, in Russian.

Further, by establishing communications with this sinister person I deduced of his “Yale School of the Environment” study of Connecticut’s venomous snakes; that he was likely reintroducing the water moccasin timber rattler rather than extirpating it; the solution to which might be temporal systematic photodynamic serpent trapping.

This is an initial photobiological classical conditioning of wildlife hypothesis and is pending dangerous experimentation with IR conditioning of broods, and dens, of vipers.

Similarly, apiarist experiments with UV, preferably beyond the spectrum seen by humans, regarding the relocation of honeybees into forests with perhaps timer actuated battery powered UV lights that would temporally synchronize entomological hive and swarm behavioral phenomenon for drone insect and ultimately queen relocation via light timed to entice the swarm in matutinal and vespertine times of foraging; seasonal to pollen availability… and thereby perhaps to lure a queen to relocate to the UV location.

Suffice to say, then, that the correlated valid, yet dangerous, herptological experiment might be to conjur a brood of vipers in certain known connecticut habitat niche locations, or in states like Texas, and perhaps to then exterminate the deadly serpents using a backpack sprayer loaded with the appropriate chemical method of herptological euthanasia… upon a behavioral entrapment with infrared light. Again, preferably beyond the spectrum visible to modal human eyes.



The herptological evolutionary origin of all of Class Aves, from the crux speciation at ArchAEopteryx; lends credence to ideations of there being genomic origins of migratory sensation and vision to be understood as having originated in Viper genetics in addition to the idea of Archaeopteryx being the onset speciation of Aves within Animalia (relative to entirely anterior flight musculature, scale evolution into feathers, and also the unique nature of beaks, lack of teeth or teats, the cloaqua, crops, gizzards, talons, etcetera.)

Thus, it is conceivable that certain electromagnetic traits might be found in the visual organ and cerebellum tissues of migratory Geese and Songbirds, as well as in those tissues of predatory raptors, especially in the norctournal predatory Order of STRIGIFORM.

Science Fiction… (?)

1) Owls see EKG and EEG type electrical phenomenon in small mammals, from the air, in variable weather and moonlight.

2) Haliaeetus Leucocephalus sees electricity in limnology.

3) Hamlet’s military research into compasses and magnetic declanation “North by Northwest” led him to understand the Hawk; and to quip to the ghost that “When the wind blows South [he] knew a hawk from a handsaw”… yet, alas, he was stabbed with venom.

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