Prie Dieu

I have a roll of upholstery foam that I think I will configure into a Prie Dieu using 3, 3/4″ 2’x4′ sheets of hardwood finish plywood, drywall screws, biscuit joiner biscuits, wood glue, and T-track T-bolts that will allow the kneeler to be replaced with a cowhide version. And, I’ll use some of the canvas from the roll I use to stretch oil painting canvas onto frames that I make from deck railing stile or ripped fir nominal grade stock and then oil paint messily. I’ll affix the canvas with brass nails. Coincidentally, I hope to miter outer frames for my best oil work soon. And, I plan to obtain that there aforementioned cowhide leather, along with mahogany, teak, purple heart or oak, and to perhaps cast some spent casings into a brass cross on a subsequent Prie Dieu cabinetry effort. I plan for this to have a lectern top for bible study books with a storage shelf. Additionally, I used a similar process with only canvas, plywood, and brass nails to make a potter’s wedge board and bat boards, and i have bought Terra Cotta clay for hand built sculptural aspects of what I am doing. I plan to Bisque fire pottery like tequila cups at cone six and glaze fire them at either cone 6 or cone 10 at a local kiln. And, finally, I am planning perhaps to plasma torch and arc weld a new 55 gallon steel drum into a cordwood pottery kiln that can double as a barbeque smoker that I’ll fill with Hickory from my farm and some Mesquite that I can have family ship up bulk from Austin.

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