Ento Pharmers

I want to write a scifi story about computer metallic synapse pharmacology cerebellum construct moth sapien hybrids who live in an ethereal land of megahertz mist through which they see yet cannot understand; if ever they remove their plasma device helmets and expose their antennae to the new ambient atmosphere of planet earth.

The story takes place in the 38th century Anno Domini; nearly two millenia subsequent to the wars which culminated the Petroleum liquid and solid phase energy derivative ages within the first epoch of Lord Jesus Christ.

Organic fossil energy is long gone. Billions of sapiens died in the ecosphere death centuries caused by the global overburden removal and teraforming age of liquifaction phase change energy obtainment which perpetuated the fleets of vehicles, vessels and craft for nearly five centuries subsequent to terminal depletion of Arabian and Persian liquids in particular. 

Time subsequent to the insular biogeographic entropy induction continuum of the primary cabon teraforming ages saw the fossil gaseous atmosphere rapidly naturally selecting product creatures amidst the ehanced incubator farm evolution industry attempt to create many symbiotic creatures with DNA recombinant sequences suitable for the changing atmospheres of our USA’s planets and moons.

Resultant of desperate corporate attempts to perpetuate human life in the new atmospheric flux where the web adds MhZ phenomenon conducive to consciousness of the entire geomagnetic grid complex and space force system of relay point machines; the incubator farms did occasionally succeed in growing transplant tissues and fabricating the moth people.

Most of the new speciations die quickly. There are comparably few sapien moth hybrids whom are enabled with the appropriate pharmacology and plasma helmet systems.

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