Regarding neoconfederal Connecticut: the problem is that the Morrill precedent primary industries and their stipulated mind control and educational curricula only allocate economic theocracy coin to the stipulated medical and aerospace heirrarchy and all other activities are extremely subordinate and unfunded.

Irony again is found in the fact that Morrill legislation was an act of the union in the creation of the Federation. Thus, it is difficult to determine the Federation from constituent neo confederal States. Yet, in the neoconfederal states there are the savant high priests and a vast underclass of subordinate retail associates, landscapers and truck drivers. A view screen commuter class is now being equipped with what electric volvos will be available from foreign manufacturers.

In Connecticut; factories are being demolished, closed or converted into consumer population housing facilities, and most fields are fallow sufficient to have reverted to forest. There is no plan for any use or activity other than in maintenance of the fallow places, in herdhealth and for vacationing to the Caribbean, as the elders flee to Florida.

Those with no Federal diploma and licensure to earn the exclusive coin as savant technicians loiter amist the wealthy with the legal right to be intelligent, or to be paid for any thought whatsoever.

The big people are increasingly found destitute in the modal 3 sizes of clothing designed to fit all people; whilst similarly unable to fit inside the expensive full sized electric volvos, and thus they are relegated to trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles.

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