Finding my application of oil paint to be less than thick enough for my liking, I am postulating that I shall henceforth achieve blobularity of a greater voluminous quality by commencing an ostensibly precise 50%/50% concoction of wood putty and oil paint. 

Yet, for sculptural applications I believe I will endeavor to achieve a 45%/55% mixture of oil paint and tile grout wherein my stated stoichiometric mindset will demonstrate a grout and oil paint mixture procedure. The mixin’ shall pertainin to process anomaly considerations wherein significant figure precision, defined as a decimal statistical mathematical value, will be approximated as being defined by that line over one of the numbers that the professors said meant something.

Herein, I attest to the final grout oil paint ratio as thus corresponding to the Greek “Deca”, and, which thereby corresponds to the afore stated specificity of the +/-5% variability; pertaining thence to a standard deviation descriptor of the process whereby a modal precision of ratio valuation near the specific median deviance of my mix ratio is hereby defined as to be directly in accordance with my volition.

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