I dont intend legalities regarding annulments, kidnapping, deployments, duress, coersion and other various abuses of myself or regarding commencement of such as specifically having been an endangerment of my person causal of my having been maimed by the US Navy, or pertaining to those facts as being collectively a psychotropic classical conditioning torture relative to my correlated brain dammage scenario.

I belive I have been saved by Dr.’s Wyatt, Mejia, Hyacinth, Jones and others and by the correlated $15,000,000 Federal expenditure on my cerebral health. I now intend to live in peace in what I term my Federal and State of Connecticut determined and funded cloister. I intend to maintain computer radio telephone connectivity and to continue my study and practice of science and art via my Federal funds.

I offer PEYTORILL as potentially being of an additional monetary value to me leagally therein approaching my Federal maximum annual income as a disabled American.

I am merely a Federal beneficiary now and a hermit of sorts, nearly defeated and in prayer here sending this signal in the persistent hope that I might still find a wife despite my injuries.

Go SSA, Go Army!



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