SEAL Ranger

When I was a young man I wanted to be a US Navy SEAL, but I didnt like the sport, subsequent to being maimed by a Navy veteran, and I eventually knew I was never going to compete with the likes of Phelps and Lochte.

So, various reasons led me to want to be in a US Army logistical command pertainig to bulk raw materiel and foodstuffs in particular. I am fascinated with energy and natural resources transport.

No one understood my withdrawl from UMass to attend NETTTS in the context of UMass expusion proceedings.

And, I now confess that a fundamental interest in the Army was for me always based in textile science in addition to energy, metalurgical, agronomical and silvicultural resources allocation and distribution systems.

Then, I was effectively requisitioned and remanded to my psychotropic existence of sublimation and sedation by Yale University Psychiatry resultant of that time when certain factors led me to deny my Navy heritage and break with Holdsworth and Boyden halls in Amherst and move towards Army enlistment in the context of Dr. Kurt Griffins collusion regarding expelling me on grounds of my purported danger to the environment.

Here is an example:

For me the Hampton Roads metaphor is epitomized by an unfortunate argument on our Eastern Seaboard regarding USGS definitions of fishing spots as being of “Stream” or “Creek” flow and depth parameters, etcetera. The argument originates in the fact that Civil War battlefields had differend US and CS names; just like the USS Merimack is the same ship as the CSS Virginia.

Thus, I consider myself a Federalist in part because there are too many dialectical and political demarcations of seething angst which arise depending on how one sees green.

Unfortunayely, there is trouble in Maine these days. There was a time when my Father’s company “Flynn Management” contracted with “New England Bottled Water” and “The Preservation Trades Network” (which I cite myself as connecting to “The Timber Framer’s Guild” at the time of the September 2001 PTN Annual Show at Floyd Bennett Air Base (USDOINPS) in Brooklyn.

Maine at approximately that time for me was Fort Knox on the Penobscott River just North of the Knox Homestead on Route 1 in Thomaston (by the Dragon Concrete Mine).

At one point some research into forestry machinery led me to meet Mr. Theodore MacDonald of new Glochester, who gave me an amazing tour of industry territory across central Maine and into view of Mount Washington. It was from him that I learned that my Connecticut forest ecology logging ideations “would probably best be served by a heavy track Bobcat with Fecon implements.”. I agree, of course, and have since added a Deere Cable Skidder to the list of optimal machines capable of an ecological mimicry of native american fire ecology, castor Canadensis disturbance, windthrow, colonial era agronomy and landscaping design pertaining to ecological harvest of forest products an wildlife habitat enhancement.

Yet, pertaining to the difficulties of “Stream and Creek” my problems regarding my brain injury were exacerbated in Bucksport ME as I inquired regarding a job at the mill, in the same way I was called a “Damn Yankee” by rough Swimmers like Clemson’s Tom James.

So, years later, it is perhaps pertinent to note that my Psychologist Dr. Scott Jones and I have stumbled upon the Procrustean word Limitrophe. Boundaries like anadromous and catadromous fish surmount can be difficult; similarly to thought across gradients of space, time, and culture.

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