I reiterate: by my writings I seek to find beautiful women, where amongst them are bridesmaids with whom to commence a wedding party of sorts.

Therein, perhaps, might it somehow be that herein by written and audiovisual signals in the cryptic strata of hopes and dreamings will I yet find love where often deluded here have I at times surmised that in living again perhaps everywhere and all things would be possible, as Tantalus tried; yet where now merely sitting; here am I?

It is I, I, in this place, and admittedly now, roving markedly, gin in hand. Wherein I am amidst this age of ethereal algorhythmic loomings and unto her computing thus this aye. I, here, weaving thus and asking as such do I send my heartfelt plea. Yea, then, my word will be to her if yea to me shall she say when saying she and I shall be.

So, I weave into warps threads blue and grey; hued wefts of houses mine. And thus these facts; my cloth I’m weaving, a lore my tapestry of rhyme. Here midst the wefts, we’re the warlike structure, sight ours for good pervading. We see the known, by God I swear it, a vantage of this  time. Here, through the ethereal flux perceiving, with the sight garnered by the gleaming.

Transcending thus this pattern, mine, while data threads stream by, thread words weave in time said rhymes, like cartographies applied.

Then as said tale is becoming thence where fibers amalgamate as line; in the tattered fogs where almost shrouded the happener by in time lends intents of mine at once I’d thought never I’d deny. 

Therin is above that cryptic message thus; with thought, pure speech, and here written of; an honest prayer …to be wed.

In this cartographys sacrosanct yet oft explicit threads, sending meanings, clearing warps, where be strewn there in the wefts truths heeded, tossed by shuttle wefts left to right be spun mist threads of ether.

Yet stirring now to speak the stated known needs and wondrous meanings: truths; whilst highest purpose mine now here beside me seeming. Or, is she only near me, waiting, walking here to me proceeding? Truths, no less, and garnered towards her, as my soul objective; whilst waiting for here i must confess I was lost for decades dreaming. 

So, harken now ye gathering prayerful and pray we tend the meeting. My slumber fades midst dreams of leading, as emerge I from my sleeping, where by the grace of holy dreaming dwell I trapped and needing.

It is, I know, that here and there in flux this cloth we’re weaving; whence we as one shall weave unto this chart the sacred meaning. Here this, our symboled tappestry map, depicts our deemings’ gravitas, and whereby then tis we by faith who serve a vantage God’s.

So seek amidst a knowing this with all we ourselves who must, for hereby we percieve these truths; the charted sums in flux.

Thence here ye as I, I, harken moreso thus; towards these tattered tales of houses woven thus; which do so often hereby lead we poets forward as they must.

Then, within, we hope and pray through the shadow we’ll bear by a grace unto there, and thence back to home again where, accompanied, and looming, by bearings, and carrying, we of cloth, to the skull charted thence, and then to there that there from such set to beond the perimeter fence, abandoning there the burden, denying, as stated, at three, and accordingly, hence.

And then damnit returning to hiding, while pursuant perhaps, to a needing, some kneeding, some weaving, proceedings, and with pleadings yet mine of here for reward of purse hers and presenting intentions poetically thence… till sojourn we shall within of her only, and seeking as such, upon each and all chance, sans that burden surrendered to the herein abandon where I, yea, I, weakened yet needing her, do abandoning somethind herein commence, then into need thrust along bearing once said, to walk by her only through all time whence, taught we immortal, pray.

Yet, for all this the sacred cause of my needing, it’s for my first wife I am dreaming, then that when we’re here, or there, and thence for all time, we at the matutinal, vespertine chimes, and always it seems in all starlight gleamings, thus we within each of lifetime’s twilights gleaming: she, and I, enwraptured, and beaming, know we alone our own blessed meaning.

So in the now legible message of this; where by the cloth confessing I, here persisting as prayerful, and it being herein as I am hereby humbly asking; that my woman be led unto me thus that whence; when we, wed, being here or there, as I find in my mind I am often when here, that with we thus wedded she shall gently, and perfectly, nightly persist, in here way as I’ll learn to me in my my bed. And yet first that I’ll see her, gently not veiled, for a walk in the park or maybe to get a cup of coffee or something.

She do I seek; in the global algorithm therin waiting as my one bride. She, whom I, I, and pray only I, here and thus readied, shall somehow find.

Thus do I proclaim now amidst this feast of my asking for her promised acknowledgement, and ask of everyone that propagation of this signal say herein: that I am seeking her; my wife to be.

We alone in this, at it has always been, shall forever trod these paths of life in circumstance, and unto the distance of necessary truths; my one woman meeting me always in person; should the ethereal flux permit.

Propriety in this mist of megahertz might stipulate she be chaperoned to my place by honor and strength, for a walk in the park, a coffee date or two, or perhaps a drink at a table set for us. Yet, time is now when where I am she might there in sponteneity simply grasp my arm for this walk of ours in discovering.

It is difficult, and perhaps dangerous, to have this everything that we can say and express to each other to bear, as one, we two.

Yet thence and therefore at our hands first grasping touch, understanding, as we meet, beginning, looking, and seeing one another, shall we awake to all we might ever dream, knowing, at our begininning.

So, herein; I pray that she and I might soon, as the hibernal solstice scholium’s apex aproaches… simply stroll together midst monuments and museums; for science, for art, and embrace, expediently, at seeing this or that master’s attempt; ya’know.

There, she and I, to discuss our place here in this United States of America, in this Connecticut, or elsewhere, and in stride with the mutual realization that the sacred intent, ours, is as of yet to be revealed by our pending joining.

Additionally, in our dating, yes, for to begin at this I intend, some trajectory more simply a  correspondence, a touch, a kiss, an honest embrace?

I pray we shall join together sweetly at either of our homes, yes, at simply the abodes to be our places. Here or there I do in faith request that we as mortal persons simply break bead and supp. And, that therein I will cook her a meal du carne, vin et pain; amidst the further carnal of our wish.

I hope, if the place is here where I now write from, to show her my oil paintings which I am attempting to improve, and that perchance she might pose for me whenever she might wish I see her. Better, certainly, than the product of my pen or brush.

And, also as I am, and in that Thanksgiving and Christmas are now approaching; perhaps her presence amongst my family at a holiday meal will be a possibility soon. As I believe a wedding to be is a merger of families.

And, because I have contemplated being man enough to be a family man for many years.

Of course I concede, shyly, that she and I will be freshly aware as we begin to see ouselves together; in the revealing grace of a contemporaneous pertinance in all due gravitas and humor regarding this happenstance… with the people, places, permissions, and gifts of hidden glances in each nocturnes arrival.

So in this now we know will be, where adrift in our love we find ouselves together, there shall we always be, as now and forever, and there in all these regards we will iterate and become our together in these realities as they proceed.

Our stated intentions regarding our carnal sliding as one for all time thus being for begetting and for practicing begetting progeny amidst the extatic moments where we merge as said sliding will be our meaning and our purpose and the more thus resultant as creation from our love.

So, I honestly pray that we will consider the many uncertainties of life. We will therefore of necessity do this in full consideration of our togetherness’ being our inevitible eternal sanctity; whatever we shall be.

There our souls will merge in the carnality of gamete strands entwining anew within the womb; becoming soul once again there and then.

There and then in and of our selves becoming life in the vessel of soul: her womb, and heart, and mind will I shield with my life and fight for eternally: love; whence we in our blessed and loving together do bring soul into this carnal existence.

There, somehow, and together, via this my attemt to ask of God the possible knowledge of this mystery of matrimonial courtship’s achievement; our consummation of the earthen cause will reveal the reality of Holy Matritrimony as being our bond; man and woman… with our definitive power.

We will therefore, and forever, express our dignified and honorable connect via living and dying in the context of this an eternally new creed and alegiance to our conjugated truth.

Our speaking in our wedded kisses whilst in love as husband and wife, and our breathing life into each other as man joining woman, in living shall, as our first kiss to be, and in our kisses forever, be our faithful oath unto the mission we now eternally undertake in service unto the guarantor of eternal life.

For it is through Christ and in Christ  where we who shall fight eternally thus for the ascension of all souls unto his grand place aside God abiding in grace.

Because it is Jesus Christ who hath died thus and thence risen for his people, and it is Jesus Christ who was and will again be risen before all.

It is in and through Jesus Christ our lord and savior with whom we now find ourseves participant legions; an army of such guarantors of salvation wherein we shall partake of eternity together, unto heaven, as it has been spoken and written..

I suppose this, therefore, should be stated as being my prayer: I have yet to be wed, at fourty seven years of age, due to circumstances of my life; and yet, accordingly, I now assert that my most sincere wish is that I may extrordinarily soon find the one woman to be my bride. Thus, and not qualifying my steadfast and most serious intention; I hereby announce that I am the groom.

Contact me, my most beautiful bride. Find me here if systems and signals prevail. Perhaps by highest ceremony in mightiest of places when the ethereal flux sends some signal between us successful, true, and with certainty ours in meeting. Perhaps in truth where in a place we are, where we may in chance the grasping connect as our kisses breathe our truth; and soon.

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