Please consider and vote pertaining to a federally funded, variable jurisdiction policed and fully staffed implementation of a land use plan to implement a large scale yet biometrically appropriate Federal habitat enhancement installation at Lasalette, Bloomfield, as a station of our USDOI.

Inclusive therein we need to consider a scientifically managed Bass, Trout, and Catfish hatchery complex in consideration of forest thinning and silvicultural regeneration for waterfowl, upland fowl, Deer, Turkey, Bear. Coyote, Fox, etcetera, via implementation of biologist managed canadensis and mechanized habitat modification within the structured civil limnology of greater Hartford, Connecticut now in place at elevation above our city.

Introduction, maintenace, veteriary and epidemiological medical habitat management protocol, and requisite culling, to be prescibed as necessary within a manifold species dynamism installation here upon this public and priate landolder continuum and civil infrastucture biological emplacement matrice is thus within an accordant public health and political cartography legal construct.

This continuum of our lawful ecological biology is for the sustainment of we sapient and additionally those supportive species of creation, within a garden web of life, and it exists due to our cultivating and shepherding dominion relative to legal structures and constructs pertaining to property ownersip as defined by the international to local structure of our economy as ruled and regulated by Municipal, State, Federal, and International Laws and Treaties.

Facts of faith, science and law such as these make requisite interjurisdictional efforts at political cartography delineated defragmentation of land ecology and all premise application therein by steadfast and determined action proceeding thereby towards the intended actualizing of human solutions for long term viabilty of our vital and sapient perpetuation; within the contexts of domestic civil libertsrian and comunitarian debate which in contexts of any resultant faction arising may at times then threaten to undermine bicameral cohesion of all that we are, valuate, and love.

And as a contended juridictional example in Connecticut now facing political faction, therefore; consider* the Lasalette estate project and it’s elevation lands here amidst the contiguous civil limnology habitat in and around Bloomfield, Connecticut, (*A Chinese Emerald Ash Borer induced Ash species extinction site.)

Situated here in Bloomfield, Connecticut, on the high ground above Hartford, is Lasalette, amidst where the Hartford water system was built in relative proximity and contemporality to the Federal 1956 Superhighway Infrastructure Legislation and structural enhancements, and, thus; these lands consist of, yet are not entirely exclusively controlled by, parties relative to Lasalette, the Moore Family, The Wade Family, Duncaster Nursing Home, my own Flynn family, and many other families, whom, I now pray, will consider legal incorporation under flagship entity Connecticut LLC “PEYTORILL”, now existing as a collection of communications and publication handles upon various platforms as “PEYTORILL”; SUA SPONTE.

Our Lasalette lands here being written of are within biometric contiguities of greater civil biometric contiguities built into our biome in the service of the Hartford potable water supply and efluence treatment biological infrastructure in particular and exist here in the dynamism of public private jurisdictions at all levels. Lands proximal to the built ecology hera at and around Lasalette are in place as a regional concerns installation for the supporting water and resultant sanitation water procurement and dilution dispersal system and infrastructure and are the Hartford biome tratment facilities water origin points structural aspect of greater Hartford, Connectiut:

Forests here West of the Connecticut River and above Hartford were severely damaged posterior to the Chinese Emerald Ash Borer invasion and infestation’s extirpation of the American Ash species, amidst that extinction event.

The American Ash tree species is now thought entirely extict on the entire North American Continent, a fact with serious effects on MLB, and relative to handles similar to the Louisville Slugger in their construction, such as garden implement handles like those of shovels, rakes, scythes, axes, adzes, mauls, etcetera.

I believe that Lasalette, here amidst this extinction forest habitat biometric, here in Bloomfield, Connecticut, should be federalized as USDOI, with an Honor Guard Contingent, and that ideas such as an astronomical observatory, requiring a moderate Federal expenditure, are extrordinarily valid.

Additional to stipulated Federal government participation, and namely with the stated need of senatorial procurement of assistance pertinent to our USDOI and USDA/USFS; our Connecticut Department of Agriculture, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Yale School of the Environment, and additionally manifold UConn Experiment Station possibilities now present as requisite here in cooperation with Bloomfield High School’s Harris Agriscience Center. All have weight in the decision.

Also ideated as a planning opportunity within this Hartford civil biome might be a trout hatchery to rival or exceed the excellence demostrable at the neighboring Massachusetts’ Quabbin Reservoir Hatchery is an exemplary possibility. The Quabbin stands as Boston’s potable water source.

There is currently municipal land use debate here in Bloomfield, Connecticut. And, relative to municipal zoning law in much of the populous NorthEast, I, as PEYTORILL, CT LLC, postulate that Bloomfield and similar communities primarily built since the Eisenhower Superhighway (Act)’s induction of the initial… and first until now’s potential… forestry and silvicultural harvest rotation upon Federal Lands of nominal grade Fir, being then for a largely caucasian home building era proximal to herein typified urban infrastructure.

We all need to seriously reconsider racially based allocation (and witholding) of Publicly held Federal forest land natural resources not limited to timber, and as in fact written to be owned by, and purposed for, the pubic good, thus stewarded by those capable movers of said raw bulk, they also public citizens, as collectively due very grave consideration.

A chapel and scouting barracs near the historic stone command house at the Lasalette USDOI station near the celestial observatory there at elevation above ornithologial, mamalogical, limnological, silvicultural and geological systematics and pertaining civil constructs hidden in the biometrics?

I additionally postulate at Lasalette a helipad for our Connectiut Senator Christopher Murphy, who is undeniably competent and qualified for a presidential bid should he find a suitable running mate worthy indeed of being “groomed for the cause”.

This all seems plausible indeed, here so proximal to the Gifford Pichot Birthplace and Gifford Pinchot Sicamore Tree, Connecticut’s most real indeed arboreal monument to the USFS, the source of American Homes now led by perhaps our USA’s greatest, and most singularly important Black Federal Officer: current USFS Chief Randolph Moore (R), the extrordinary modern successor to Gifford Pinchot himself.

Recall, that Moore’s Predecessor, Pinchot, was instrumental at Biltmore, founded Yale School of Forestry, and, established the commanding office of our USDA USFS, the same honorable Federal office now held by Mr. Randolph “Randy” Moore. Our first, yes, Black American, United States Forest Service Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Randy Moore is, therefore, the Highest Ranking African American Federal land use Officer in our United States of America.

Returning home… Connecticut certainly has a duplicitous and contentios thirst for land use and environment policy action in a Real and just context. The biometric reality here in the civil limnological structure at elivation above Hartford is a perfect place for leadership..

So, it seems additionally valid to note now the fact that a certain politic of inaction here “in the hills” is causal now that our Connecticut Senator Christopher Murphy’s current campaign, perhaps a crusade, aganst “lonliness”, now be championed by a certain “War Democrat” policy making typified by a Rooseveltian bicameralism whereby it is that scouts and such cruise forests with home replicated biltmore sticks and speak softly of the land use politic of our USA from Hetch Hechy to Telico Valley…

Accordingly, and if it is that one megalomaniacal essayist could nominate a US President; i must here confess myself distraught regarding partisanship.

Senator Murphy’s “historic trodden path and precedent” here near and around Lasalette and though the lands and limnology NorthWest of Bloomfield throughout Litchfield County (since the USDOT work on 7 and 8 has been underway) all speak to Connecticut and to Federal land use, zoning, transportation, national reparations home building lumber, water, road and electrical infrastructure, harvest ideations, mineral and metal extraction, environmental policy, inaction relative to people in need, apathy, hipocacy, faith, due process, the pubic good, the greatest good, and to the parameters and efficacies of a biblical dominion charged to those of us who find cause to effect that dominion on behalf of God.

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