Randy Moore, VP. (R)

Randy Moore, First Black Forest Service leader in USDA USFS history, if ever our first Black Republican US Presient, pending Vice Presidential candidacy on a Donald Trump ticket, would slay Biden and the Democrats for decades.

Trump and Vilsac already gave Mr. Moore the USDA USFS appointment of USFS Chief; the highest rank within the USFS, and a misnomer in USN terms.

Navy SEAL and fellow Trump appointee, USDOI Secretary Ryan Zinke, additionally might contribite to mobilization of our USDA/USFS and USDOI continnum in the name of an intensive second macro harvest, milling, transport, and Black suburban homebuilding era on swaths of USFS and USDOI BLM lands.

This plan, in accordance with lawful natural resource harvest and extraction parameters now existing proximal and within the contiguity of our biometric and organic ecosphere’s anthropocentrically civil and habitable lands within biomes of God’s dominion additionly then will be in furthrace of existing regionally planned home build scenarios now in need of environmentalism policy overrides as judged. Energy and transportation sector grid and grid expansion policy must and will be addressed as a Black American Homes Lumber Harvest cocern regarding Home Build Sites in the Reparations Lumber Continuum.

And, suburban build machanations therin may be judged to be be fully legal in all regards on Black reparations lumber products justice grounds considering all race relations and racism politic promulgation by the Media Industrial Complex therin pertaining to stated “Fake News” fallacies inclusive of neglecting the Lowell & Biddeford mills on the Merrimac and Sacco Rivers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony as being an engine of slaveholder profit derrived from 19th century textile sales to England and France in particular which preceded the subsequent “Union Era” conquests of the South, Sioux et. al., and Spain.

This stated truth of Union Era 1860’s mobilization yet herin now is stated further as having been, and yet in retrospect to have been generative by acts inclusive of Morrill, Homestead, and Pacific, (Acts) an they being subsequent to Union commencement of hostilities at Fort Sumpter; thence then being causal of our Post Union Era Federation as contexctual to the a-priori Union era Northern Confederal State Sucesses.

This action, inclusive as afore stated of Hampton Roads being an in part metaphorical causal iteration of impetus to the Westward Migration of our Historic Western Frontier, and which was to be the vital causation of Federal Natural Resources Harvest and Extraction Powers and Laws and now of the Real Poltic herin conjured unto service in freedom and thus pertaining directly to Central Grains, yet moreso here to Mountain and Pacific Forest and Engineered Forest Products allocated, relative herein, We Plead, to Reparations Lumber for Black American Families now to perhaps be freed from the Neo-Confederal North, (Media Industrial Complex) and additionally pertaining to politic and law concerns regarding lawful “Ownership” (House/Senate) of Federal Public Lands and Natural Resources harvestable and extractable from them hereby in Peace and in all due accordance with The Greatest Good; The Public Good, The Greatest Number, Under God, and by the Law.

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