“The Disk”

I’m no reconstruction steam drive paddle boat captain. Yet, there’s one thing I do know…”

I, I, as a “Temporality Flux Cartographic Continnum Scientist”, a lanscape gardener, carpenter, oil painter, and sculptor, now know it is time for me to build a new and previously posulated machine.

The Secchi Disk was the control wheel, as we should be aware, of Samuel Clemens’ Paige Compositor. And, for synoptic security reasons here I will withold his code name and reveal for my readership my own secret plan.

NOTE: everone on earth with “hyper text transfer protocol” word wide systematics access to my database via alpha non numeric sequence coding will be able to read my secret plan.

Admittely great giants of thought, like Sam, have preceeded me. And, although I can only pray that near two centurys or so ago Sam lost the copyright documentation for his “Paige Compositor”.

Thus, effective today, and pending gubenatorial review of Connecticut machine tool manufacturing copyright law, and herein thus submitted additionally in abidance to the Honorable Murphy’s Federal Laws of the North Eastern Morrill Zone of the USA Federation; spinning things from Connecticut will now be in accordance with said due process fabricated into a Connecticut singularity machine.

I call my future invention the “Peytorill Ideation Conjugator”, [abbreviated acronym: P.C.]

As illucidated; the “Peytorill Ideation Conjugator”‘s control system will feature a secchi disk helm. And, pending adept phillips retrofit of the Peytorill topography herbacity apex mudulator’s control system; the “P.C.’s Secchi” will feature the modulator’s “suicide knob”.

Secchi inclusive photo, (circa @t=>now), of Sam’s Compositor. Likely, this photograph is of “The Only Known” [sic] P.C. prototype still in existence today. Note: researchers may opt to deduce the whereabouts of the original disk.
Herein we see, elucidated as requisite thus in the accordant “hue bleu de facto” pertanence to colloquial thought propriety laws; visible and circled in blue, what is likely Sam’s most prized original secchi. If lost, the original Secchi was likely taken South by raft, or traded Northward for pulverized limestone and chore labor. This is the only known photo of the compositor with the original secchi affixed at the pilot’s command post.

Here I once again offer my most sincere thanks, all due respect, and an honest and forthrite gravitas of appreciation in crediting Samuel Clemens for his fabrications. It is with most serious appreciation that I now intend to continue Sam’s work here in Connecticut, and to if possible replicate the intended efficacies of his Paige Compositor via the construction of my own machine: The “Peytorill Conjugator”.

The “Peytorill Conjugator” will be the greatest P. C. iterator ever. “The Conjugator” will synopsize construed ideations of greater conveyance magnitudes and pertainences than it’s now two century old prototype… “the Compositor”. Exponentially adept synopsis is now set to be duly procured from “The Conjugator”. And, “Peytorill Conjugator” constructs are premonished by this essay in particular to transcend any ideated promulgations ever before spun in Connectiut.

“The PEYTORILL Conjugator” will now commence certain determinate and excited foment of a synoptic nutmeg politic ideation requisite at our epochal juncture temporality.

Yet, “Peytorill Headquarters” and “Peytorill Home Shops” will need to “sub” contract component aspects of “The Conjugator” build process to various contractors and pertaining facilities.

Peytorill has a soon to be assembled home shop bandsaw expected to soon capacitate the fabication of a Secchi for the Peytorill Ideation Conjugator to which the herbacity maintenence machine knob will be affixed.

In fact, I am going into my Peytorill Home Shop now to retrieve the band machine schematics, in that regard, and will return to writing in the near future.

Suffice to say I now intend future posts to mention a component design and manufacture scenario inclusive of electrical and internet plug and other connectivity concerns, an E250 server as “the brains” of the “Peytorill Ideation Conjugator” and possibly a lithographic printer.

And… if “countertop micro turbine” procurement becomes infeasible, or, as predicted by financial allocations staff; cost prohibitive, and, yet, hereby as we need concider luxury Java, “in the lab”: a supercharger or turbocharger on a two stroke E80+ model airplane engine driven compressor with a steel or titanium tank to drive the high barometric 20-50 ATM pressure countertop prossumer machine planned to be directly proximal to the Peytorill Conjugator’s Secchi is perhaps the most vital subsidiary interest of PEYTORILL LLC.

The planned Peytorill Conjugator Prossumer Machine Auxilarry Station’s compressor aparatus needs to have the appropriate pressure guages and brass fit valves.

There needs to be a Corn Ethanol Still.

Combine repair and maintenance for Mr. Wade’ Machinery needs consideration inclusive of all Steam Punk aspects.

Obtainent of variably appropriate maze…

TiG construction concerns and Taylor and Fenn brass castings for fabrication of a steam punk brass whiskey still and likely brass and copper fermentation vessels for the corn mash needs to consider all thermodynamic and chemical properties of both the maize fermentation and the distillation reactions.

Deciduous biomass procurement and harvest for barley malting barn heaters and for fueling both the fermentation tanks, as well as the stills, needs to be considered in cojunction with municipal planning pertaining to property and biomass rights, and, such needs to be contextual to all local jurisdictional powers of federal, state, municipal, private, indian, and parochial legal definitions.


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