Many now living people, of the Genus and Species “Hominidaes Sapiens”, were discovered today to posess certain now emergent code sequences demonstrative of arcane neucleotide sequence parameters that are then causal of physiological efficacies relative to photons.

Additionally, persons in whom the code sequence appears and is exmplified as being within their ontogenetic trait chronology then present anomilcal nucleotide sequence formation in their tissue synthesis at precise points subsequent to their ontogeny definitions such as at the trajectory of evolution where the phyla branch divergence of marsupials is divergent from the entirety of the mammalian phylogeny.

Beta-3.a then demonstrably appears as the causal photoactivity sequence in hominid DNA codes 1.72327% of the time relative to all known genetic code parametrs that have been decoded by Oracle as of 1:12am on 4/02/2023.

Therefore, as of this discovery of the Beta-3.a photovoltaic epidermal disorder, and now that it has been shown to be at the modally defined human sequence statistic, resultant definitions of “sapien” now are further said to be apparent at the Rift Valley origin code limitoph and, it should be said; were explicitly defined by Oracle on that April day this year, when, pertaining to the publication of the findings soon thereafter; the following statemant was published:

“Today a DNA limitrophe descriptor common to all humans was more clearly elucidated as being the genetic trait now known as “ribosomal oxegynation”.

Humans suffering from “ribosomal oxygenation”* experience photovoltaic flux inversion frequency increase in their epidermal pigmentation. 

*This chromosomal disorder is known as “high frequency beta-3.a”.

A type of high frequency epidermal photoactivity, B-3.a in healthy people with normal photovoltaic refraction array inversion flux parameters begin to refract the visible light spectrum differently in their squaemus cells, and, if not treated, these “photo-ill” homonids begin to flicker, and, to grow rapidly if they stop photon bathing by device and then exit the megaherts array grid structure.

“EXITORS” are then subsequently found at sea, in biomes external to the grid, at altitude, or in orbital scholium scenarios. In the process of departing from the array, Exitors achive modal BMI’s above 3.2737 metric tons before their terribly thickened epidermis layers calcify into exoskeletons and the corresponding morphogenesis causes their linneal reclasification as entomological hybrid sapiens.

Gradually, they then molt. Yet, as they emerge from their exoskeletons anywhere near sea level, problematic barometric pressure concerns cause them to explode…

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