My megalomaniacal essays are increasing in exagerative power.

Soon, perhaps, I, I, will publish my plan to teraform all formerly living biometric sub ecosphere subtrate of the earth.

I, I, will then personally order the combustion of all phases of carboniferous fossil life residue by the power of what I alone comand.

I, I, shall therin then and thus teraform extract all of earth’s photosynthesis accumulation energies of life thus, and according to this my edict of pure and vilainous power… in my wonton abandon,

I, I, then, in the conjured foul of my etheral mist fog aerosolization wickedness thence shall disperse all the subterranean cretaceous death fern fossils… according to my personal insular biogeographic gaseuos destruction weaponry protocol and via a dispersal methodology which I alone bear full responsibility for!

And, I, I, therby shall stagnate world oceans in such a way as to induce a new and intensified putrid warming stagnance of the Jersey Shore that therby is then causal of an all world oceans and all world seas gyre system cessation chain reaction resultant in a full global thermodynamic temperature increase that I alone have stipulated shall be done thus, and, eventually in my wicked dominion over animals and fish thence desertify all earthen lands of the globe whilst vaporizing the limnological and oceanological waters amidst a new epoch of entomological swarm population infestations, (most of which thou shalt not eat), till upon that hideaos sea of putrid death my new Gian pleateu shalt rise thus that my new beginning of wickedness will commense with my utterace unto the moth people the two commands: 1) give a hoot, don’t pollute. And, 2) get, install, and use “the crusher” for your aluminum recyling needs.

Then, and only then, will I write mean and nasty chain letters to Holdworth Hall at UMass, thereby inducing an admittedly voluntary registration of myself and my wicked compatriots upon the “enemy of the earth” registry database server, according to their volition, and pending their kneeling pleas for my recanting.

Finally, I am serious. Meet my demands from now on, UMass. Or, I will continue to publish my personal plan to scrape away from just above and just below the surface of the earth. And to burn it. Because, it is I alone who has done this. I, I, take full responsibility. And, I, I, shall destry the entire earth. I alone, obviously, am the Trust originator of American wealth and power in all facets of the trust to corporation continuum. It has always beed my personal plan to destroy the entire earth, and, thus: all Ccordant pain and sufferin regarding me personally as causal of earth death and of the end of all creation, evolution, and of life itself now rests fully on my shoulders. For it is I, the object of all the Holdsworth Hall hatred… I am responsible. I am evil. I  alone destroy the earth.

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