The MAGJAK CAT is an engine program with several potential design feature scenarios.

(The concept is based upon the premise that an evolution of organic fossil powered land engines in particular must occur before terminal fuels depletion makes the oil wars advance in DEFCON in accordance with famine, pestilence, and strife resultant of resource scarcity exacerbation by [it’s] theologically induced and catylized “Pan Islam” Conjur of “Great Satan” now imploding WAHSUNSHI at Green Zone contextual to TALIFACTION from the Wahhab Theocracy of Saud and [it’s] WAHSUNSHI Theocratic tridium externality’s strike upon Gotham, ’01.)

With organic fossil carbon liquid extraction regionalism complated by such as CONNFIRTH refusals re: a NATGAS terminal and with N.A. SOLID PHASE held in reserve pending apocalyptial global emergency overburden removal teraforming for access and anthracite liquifaction processes… liquid phase controls like Persiain front strangulation of CPEC pipe especially now drive similar overburden teraforming in CHIDIA Coal substrate parameters of Himalian Gia plate theory collision limitroph. China Navy now actualizing CHIDIA via Spratleys to Sri Lanka.

Returning to MAGJAK CAT:

Basis engine for the system likely to be: Cat diesel (low C.I. Disp., “LOWCID”) -or- (“WHITWEFT” concept developing)

MAGJAK CAT LOWCID is a fluid dynamic momentum control system where a far lower conumption of fosil organic liquid is consumed. Currently the greatest obstacle facing MAGJAK CAT is fuel air optimization contextual to added fuel and heightened compression charging with simultaneous engine braking. Per cylinder valve number configuration and pertaining combustion chamber design for momentum conrol device configured piston drives; straight, V, and rotary, are an evolution into turbines where all land engine parameters must in contexts of all pertaining engines in all fleets and implacements relevant herein consider manufacture, maintainance, recycling/repurposing continuums of raw materiel meltdowns, etcetera.

Due to terminal fuels depletion projections now at decades under a half century in North Arabia…

increasingly inclusive of MAGJAK.

Our US Army is currently…


*Magnusen Supercharger at intake manifold

*Jake system at exhaust manifold

Eaton Semi Auto 23 speed range selected as 3@7/2R with the 1’st 7 ultralow pending a 1,2 drop track configuration posterior or internal to the customary drive tire aspect.






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