Recall that Bill doesn’t control Montana’s proximity to the Tralfamadore Terrarium.

This fact gives me hope in the intermittent presence of a woman here in my own scenario, and yet, it is puzzling to consider the correlated logic of my not knowing who she will be; as of yet.

Accordingly, my use of the word wife correlates to my faith in such a way as to fortify my aversions to ex girlfriends and other women thus wed.

And, resultantly, the concept of invisible tralfamadorians somehow in control of Montana legitimizes both the metaphor of their being beyond a perimeter like the atrium glass and “night curtain”, as well as to the idea that a typical tralfamadorian sees ordinary humans as though strapped into a chair that’s bolted to a rail car on tracks whence they are thus only capable of looking directly forward through I think it was an 8′ pipe that is similarly affixed to the rail car.

In my case, my metaphor for my vantage includes several machines:

1) The Peytorill Ideation Conjugator and pertaining logistical system mechanical systematics for it’s transport via container as hauled either in “the truck” or by “the rig”.

2) The Truck. A completely modular Freightliner MT55

3) The Rig. A Peterbilt day cab with dual berth or extended chasis sleeper options correlated to a sliding fifth wheel (?). Having a low CI Cat diesel with both a magnusen supercharger and also a jake exhaust brake on the respective manifolds, that might possibly generate electricity for the cabin yet also for drive train motors. Yet, if the MAGJAK CAT has a clutched flywheel to a range selected Semi Auto Eaton 23, then, that’s a different story…

4) An Armillary Sphere Henge Garden Implacement.

5) An Armillary Sphere Theodolite or Total Station Telescope Track Vehicle, with 4 possible B24 Liberator mount points, which would have a helmeted seating command post at the theodal scope and some type of secchi control system

…in process

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