Amphibious Warfare, USA.


LCM, LST, LSD, and LPD Navy craft and ships are fascinating examples of modern amphibious warfare. Admittedly, I need to continue to write and be inclusive of Cortez in Mexico, Napoleonic French Marines in Massachusetts Bay and the United States Interior, Mohican canoes and Pequot dugouts, General Arnold’s boats, Lewis expedition keelboats, and Mississippi River riverboats. The USS Maine and the Rough Riders are another amazing story. Also, I’d like to understand Massachusetts fishermen in the more modern context of Lowell, and Biddeford, and Gloucester, as well as at the Battle of Hampton Roads ships (Merrimack/Virginia and Monitor), and, PT and trawling craft off Saint Georges Banks and at Tonkin; relative to Russia’s purported factory fishing ships during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Eventually, I intend my research to achieve a “complete” historical presentation of US Navy amphibious warfare that suffices to document my albeit gradually accumulated understanding of the United States Navy’s entire USA and global presence. As a civilian, I am very interested in beachheads, estuarine, riverine, and riparian zone marine and limnological habitat as a historical aspect of migratory civilizations accompanied by militaries. American history has an amazing early phase that is shared in the USA between Native, British, French, African and Spanish peoples who now comprise our United States of America’s diverse population. My additional research into our USA’s transportation sector adds, in an imprecise chronology, Irish, Asians, and Italians. Now, in our modern day, our USA is confronted by increasing conflict and strife, in serious need of diplomacy, and the issues can often be said to pertain directly to resource scarcity and to new potential influxes of global peoples such as those originating in Middle Eastern and Asian nations and from the Indian Subcontinent. Energy and Foodstuffs are paramount. The greatest people in the world have for centuries sought Manhattan island. A great story of human migration to New York and of a subsequent dispersal of a collective sapience into this our USA, whilst also returning to global origins in the expansion of American ideations of freedom and innovation; was, is, and will continue to be American and World History.