My grandfather Booj was a USAAF Pacific Theater Boomer OBGYN. I was thinking he must have stopped at the White Hut in west Springfield in his Cadillac many times on the way home from Springfield General Hospital and gotten cheeseburgers. I get worried about terminal fuels depletion. Springfield made the Indian and the M1 Carbine at wartime. FDR’s 1942 War Production Board gathered an era of mine and farm machinery and all the cars and motorcycles of the gilded age and forged them into LCM’s, Sherman Tanks, M1 barrels, and the B24 Liberators where Booj’s Jeep was named Ginny after my grandmother and he was a B24 Squadron Flight Surgeon. My other grandmother Pam said WWII was just a bunch of tin cans and a new weapon. “The Bomb”. I mean to say that significant power gets mobilized and remobilized sometimes. After the fat man and little boy the Shermans became bulldozers and graders for Eisenhower’s 1956 Superhighway. Then there was the nominal grade Fir lumber housing boom. Today, the power continues to terraform energy substrate and we contemporaneously peer into the microcosmic realm of DNA and protein polymers. Tom Lewis said that in 1970 engineers were idiots if they weren’t civil or mechanical engineers. Today the same is said about chemical engineering. Consider Trump and Valsac USFS appointed Chief Randy Moore. In silvicultural terms we are at a half century harvest rotation opportunity and nothing is happening in residential civil construction as Americans rightly call for reparations lumber and housing equality. We debate border security and some argue to also simply allow dozens of millions of Chinese and Indian immigrants within decades. Eastern seaboard and frontier history of dominions close northeastern forests and keep the southern forests producing as federal jurisdictions and politics supersede even Mr. Moore’s authority. The Bataan Corregidor bridge by first Chief Forester Gifford Pinchot’s Sycamore tree commemorates our military men in the Pacific and the half a million marines who were spared fates similar to the Bataan death march fallen by virtue of the aforementioned tin cans and new weapon. Somehow our USA needs chemical engineering medicine, agronomy and residential civil construction.