Time is vast. Creation, relative to the origins of species and life, constitutes a perpetuity of our epochal incarnate procession through time’s expanse. Organic carboniferous life, it’s remains, and it’s residues, have arisen proximal to our human instant upon this unique place called earth; it being here in geological space and time, and as we for a time are through organisms ascending; from amidst the earthen garden.

Organisms, joining, surrounded by the multitudes of life’s kinds, characterize our reality; alone, then two by two, in a flood of ecological symbiosis at times subverted. Here, in the dominion, is the epicenter of life and creation as it migrates through this cosmos; and herein alive amidst space both reckoned and known to be infinitely exploding into a beyond: are we.

Organic life is a flux of conception’s resultant matter amidst matters, and it merges at it’s sacrosanct beginning into forms coded to grow and prosper in an as of yet undefined recapitulation, by God’s guidance, in the divine process, through life, till in death as some function of soul an energy doth depart from all the matters it once had been.

So, remaining, residual, is it’s carboniferous basis. The energy, then, having gathered in life life’s requisite substance, and assimilated by its divine presence the matter of matter’s substance; to be scattered as dust amidst such as metals and inorganic phenomenon, or entombed for some metamorphic emergence, perhaps to be another basis, a fertile past upon which the beginning happens once again, like seed on fertile earth, then participatory again in the ascension towards being heard as the perpetuation of a cause whereby we do speak unto sacred ears that certainly hear.