I, Simon Alan Flynn, am an ambulatory disabled American and a Social Security Administration beneficiary, whereby, along with room and board from my father; I publish as Peytorill.

On this page I intend to present a synopsis of my decades as a patient of Yale Psychiatry.

My brain injury occurred in the fall of 1994 on the campus of Clemson University.

In 1996 I matriculated at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where I became a top 100 globally ranked distance freestyle swimmer.

Poor grades and failed supplemental employment led to efforts within Holdsworth hall to expel me from the University of Massachusetts.

Amidst duplicitous demands to work and graduate in different states, I was brought in, in 1998, while reading a book in bed and nearly immediately diagnosed.

I have been sublimated and sedated for the subsequent quarter-century.

My continuum of health, athleticism, illness and healthcare has given me variable and complicated perspectives on medicine. And; I believe I have ideations worthy of consideration.