Larson, Connecticut (D)

Representative John Larson, Sir, as a disabled American, I find SSA to be a blessing and a box. There is some colloquial marginalization in the de facto reality of getting assistance for somehow being extra-modal to the American normalcy. In statistical mathemaical terms; any individual z-score externality to the population modality is by definition valued as an either positive or negative externality relative to it’s descriptor. So, while not all life is colloquial mathematics, ad nauseam, aspects of the undefined persist amongst the disadvantaged and ill. Yet, regardless of exceptional traits, if and when they exist; the existence of a singular characteristic such as might be causal of private insurance corporations excluding a particular ailment from coverage can be resultant in a person’s becoming trapped in this world devoid of context known as our social security administration. Again, I am blessed, and I have been saved, and yet as an ill and disabled American it seems I am in a box from which I cannot ascend.

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