Speedball Superblack ink on dried, plaster trowel, putty knife and palette knifed oils. (Oil paint dries in approximately a week and both blending and new layers over dry paint are valid techniques.)

Also; Hand stretched canvass on a Moore’s Sawmill lumber canvass frame. A formal Moore’s Oak frame will soon be built, milled and mitered.
Hand stretched canvass on bean poles, tomato stakes, or larger profile stock; assembled with corner clamps, butted wood components with variable joinery: pre drilled and sheetrock screwed lumber via 18v cordless drill. Canvass stretched by hand and then utility stapled. Also consider component millwork and nail/brad canvas securement feather boards.
5×7 reframe in process. I /Simon milled the oak on my table saw, mitred the 45° cuts on what I wish were a double bevel compound mitre saw, used a strap clamp from Lowes, and am since in a process of oil painting and sanding process.

And, also pictured is the frame’s intended photograph of Theodore Roosevelt and a partially fabricated home backup meat freezer custom on/off switch extension cord, and a transit.

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