Can hospitals be brought to Americans who can’t get to hospitals?

Mr. Igor Sikorsky

Groceries, foodstuffs, forest products such as tissue paper, and cloth fiber products have logistical systems which might hybridize well with requisite distribution via containers in the US interior.

Additionally, the rapidly deployable modularity of containers via CH-64 can additionally move hospital and laboratory field deployed systems, physicians, and supplies; in conjunction with and ahead of slower field hospital support materiel deployments to remote field hospital suitable locations.

Redundancy in modularity would also allow mobile hospitals to arrive in, for example, a midwestern township, for a radius of scheduled care procedures to be performed.

Our United States Senate and House of Representative frequently debates the comparative nature of the way our elected officials do or do not vote for health care; relative in particular to if their constituents see the benefits of the legislation in their locales.

Sikorsky CH-64

Just as Xarelto has been a miracle medication for the human heart; Internet Telehealth and remote phlebotomy procedures can deliver necessary cures.

Yet, while modular cardiac surgeries are possible in some way where GIS could move a hospital to a comparably low population and remote Dakota town; even just a stent lab deployment to specific coordination for a multitude of travelers from a 400 mile radius remains a difficult task.

This page and the links herein will discuss modular rapid deployment hospitals.