Thesis 2020

I study to achieve an articulate synopsis of the grand human construct amidst political, cultural and biometric paradigms.

Simon Flynn



The liquid phase petroleum age will end before the earth will die.

I Here Present my Vantage(*) of This Current Christian Age of Biological Life; Now Fueled by Geological Derivatives of Previous Age’s Organisms and Appearing Definitive at it’s Beginning and End.

Alpha, from the beginning of time in the deep that was before the beginning was, whence the aridity and mass from the desert sands soon swept thermodynamically Eastward under heaven in juxtaposition to the diurnal moon and stars… amidst the tropic cline winds, until this force obscured the verdant garden of love’s initial dilemma in the dust. Next, the expanse of the initial arable riparian pharaonic state’s sustenance plains beyond the reeds began to die, as earthen produce and rare earth clays and salts were consumed by pharaonic minions. There, proximal to the riverside quarries and the stone of providence, there along the river and the boat which could bring it. There, the cornerstones were set to Polaris and the cardinal truths, until the pharaonic power died, and the word escaped, northward, beyond Moria, into the wilderness, and onwards into a sea of scrolls and places for patriarchs, and further into their nomenclatures of creation; guided.

Omega, now, with nucleic life acids and also their derivatives, built into life as and into other coded forms of being in existence beyond the temporal mortal vantage of any modal scientist. From whom peers, external to median both before you and after you, in chaos, lurk. There is a gate. And dead, and buried, in graves beneath supple stone of sedimentary sea and sand, or foundations themselves for the igneous recorded name we have become; placed that we might remember our perpetual pursuit of this; his ethereal flux, within grasp of an explanation. Lo! now also the Cephas black rock and water burns away, terraformed into fumes of death acids perchance putrefying the seas whereupon one might thence not dare trod further from brethren to seine for further proofs in venturing fourth upon the waves of the gyres and flux. Nor either might one sail into the contemporaneous storm of mutational and entropic sin requisite of that stowaway flotsam once cast into this new and benthic oblivion like when storms began the epoch. Here in a once thought eternal deep the footed and air breathing fish creature now arrives and in this mist lays siege of salvation even for him gazing at the tempestuous glimmer. Looking at megahertz and seeing now this recombining and combusting quantum sphere of conflicts and entropic typifications as they seep hence into the great art of the physician of ancient nations’ health purity and mind of hippocratic all heal on earth, and of all life, and of all sentience, according to its kind, which we might some day comprehend as the singularity. The grand human populations descended to he and us from the two tree purposed eden propagule pair babble as babes. They are those heretofore sworn the populous and blessed flock of we their guardians: eternal legions of God and Creation.


This Biocarboniferous Age of Life and Life’s Fossilized Energy is Powered by The Residue of All of Life’s Substantive Energy. Derived Primarily From the Sun; and Subsequently Terraformed, Processed and Released Into the Ecosphere, The Derivatives of Fossil Substances are Needed For Use in Fueling Machines.

The Accomplishments of This Age Have Been Built Recently, within Recent Epochs, and are Accelerating Over Recent Centuries. Transformations Into Societal Paradigms During this Mechanical Age Are Occurring at an Important Event in Geological Time Where Rapid Extraction Relative to Liquid and Gaseous Phase Fuels Reserves is Occurring.

Also, There Are Certain Biometric Entropies Within the Biosphere Which Carboniferous Fossil Fuels are Thought Causal of, and Which May Pertain to an Impending Terminus for Our Age. The Final Depletion of Fossil Energies Similarly Threatens World Order and a Comparable Apocalyptical Prognosis.

Also, Any Post Liquid Fuels Depletion Scenario Subsequently Fueled by Solid Phase Combustion of These Organic Chemicals Will Certainly Capacitate the Theorem of Biocaboniferous Fossil Induced Terminal Chemical and Thermodynamic Flux of the Globe.

Summarily, the Contemporaneously Less Consequential Theory of Global Warming During the Unfortunate Reality of the End of World Species Biodiversity (or it’s Shift to Microorganism Viability) Are Both Inconsequential Relative to Terminal Depletion of the World Liquid Fuels Supply in the Temporal Sense.

After Such Final Depletion Occurrs by 2050, However, The Planet Will Likely Then Die, as Anticipated By Environmentalists, When the Impossibility of Reengineering, Remanufacturing, and Redeploying All Global Fleets Fails and Systems Functionality Makes Coal Liquification Requisite.

Ecosphere Death Is Thus Certain And Yet Persists as a Post-War Phenomenon in an Inevitable Post Fuels Depletion Apocalypse Calamity yet to Occur.


1) To Postulate Definitions of Human Comprehensions of the Biometric and Civil Flux and Stasis of Manifold Life System Functionality Pertaining to Humanity and the Ecosphere and Defined Across Spatial and Temporal Parameters.

2) To Consider Solutions to the Imminent Terminus of the Age of the Macroscopic Scalar Aspect of the Utility of Fossil Biocarbon Fuels and a Potential, Contemporaneous, Near Total Collapse of the Global Transportation Sector and Biosphere.


Life, and in particular human life, possesses individual, reproductive and social dynamism which manipulates and transforms primarily the ecosphere into improved habitat. Often, as human history has progressed, this has been occurring along a continuum of increasing magnitudes, at times “terraforming” and being of collective impact beyond such.

Variably defined stasis, migration, requisite consumption, and the unavoidable production of wastes, transform the earth into legally defined exhausted, depleted, productive and flourishing locales. This breadth of phenomenon often occurs through competition exclusive of certain niche component populations amongst all competing species, and numbers of individuals are at times subject to die off or driven extinct within timeframes of geological ages, eras, and epochs. Said phenomenon are perpetual, thus far, across time and with typified variabilities within places, and according to biometric interactions, amidst creation’s diversity of species. Certain ones of sapience practice, inhabit and comprehend this paradigm and it’s systematics.

A note on creationism and evolutionary theory:

There is competitive ideation regarding a premise of beginning, or that God breathed sapience into Adam and then humanity maintains a stasis despite the dust of North African desertification and ecologically caused resource scarcity and oppression within pharaonic Egypt, etcetera. Similarly, the metaphorical aspect of Eden is said to have been the propagules whom were established as sapient by the lord who then sent his son through Egypt and this lineage.

By comparison, evolutionary theory can demonstrate that all Animalia exists in branching tree of organisms which succeed or parish through natural selection. Nearly all animals have a Radius and an Ulna. All animals adapt to their behavior, like Darwin’s finches, and Darwin postulated that during his landing his crew witnessed a dozen beak types theorized to have been from scarce food, Yet, for example, if marine mammals were at ant time terrestrial there is no explanation of a fossil absence of their scull morphology relative to breathing abilities as larynxal divergence occurred.

Thus: evolutionary theory and creationism seem simultaneous and mutually beneficial and while in any instant, God exists, is creating, evolution is also occurring at times of viable mutation, and God is also watching over the flux of his creation and all phenomena.

Part I: Dynamism

1) The Continuum of Photons and Biomass

The trophic accumulation of photon energy via conversion into all substantive organic mass is initially herbivory built with the energy of sunlight and photosynthesis. Thus, plants, animals, and their fossil energy residues are all conversions of sunlight energy. Solar light energy has accumulated in plants and ascended into the trophic levels of all life on earth. Plantae, and Animalia from geological ages past; notably the Cretaceous/Cenozoic extinction event are now organic compounds which in liquid form are amicable to human uses for combustion.

2) Evolutionary Biology

Photons and electrical energy amidst a “swirling” primordial soup of initial elements during the formative eras of the earth’s crust caused something upon the earth or within the deep surrounding the firmament, perhaps in a helical in form, to arise. At some proximal temporality to said helix perhaps then it was absorbed or imbibed by hydrophilic/hydrophobic barriers surrounding the “experimental” results. Other vacuoles of affinities to water then imbibed these vacuoles containing the acidic helix and prokaryotic organelles dedicated to specific functions were combined into functioning eukaryotic single cell organisms. Multicellular organisms ensued and grew. Natural selection is the survival of the organisms most fit to maintain homeostasis, metabolical sustenance of themselves, be fecund, and produce viable offspring capable of similar traits and behaviors.

Speciation (Such as Archaeopteryx) occurs when populations confront changing environments, either due to externalities, changes internal to their biomes, or due to migratory factors of their own behavior and dispersal. Also, while populations may be reduced by environmental factors, genetic mutations occasionally alter some aspect of function in a propagule then capable of being fecund. Trophic nourishment by sunlight, or it’s derivatives within the plant and animal kingdoms, plays a primary role in factors of fecundity and mortality. The residual aspect of the light energy life form a continuum that is mostly recycled back into the environment by other life forms for future uptake; primarily by plants. Occasionally, over geological time, the death and decay of organisms has been encapsulated by sedimentary materials which transform into an overburden of sedimentary rock and are then superficial to subsequent extractable life based fossil energy materiel present in the three phases. Reservoirs beneath such deposits of sedimentary bedrock may be igneous or metamorphic, liquid, sweet or heavy. Gaseous fuels may be duplicitous; atop liquid and trapped by sedimentary rock or at geological depths with high temperatures capable of the denaturing of crude.

3) Migration and Energy

Part II: Quantification

1) Proximal Ideations

Spatial and temporal variables relative to proximity in distance and travel times, of people and populations to and from what they need and want to consume, have changed during the age of bio carbon fuels.

2) Enumerating Scale and Populations

The dreaded term “excessive populations” certainly corresponds to the primary debate of the twentieth century. Initially “solved” by WWII, the Cold War question of what would or would not empower global populations of people at the very least succeeded in building two differing societal paradigms with very different infrastructures.

3) Populations, Sustenance Inputs, Waste Output

At the least there should be mention of the realities of advancing science in the relative context of the USA/USSR societal paradigms competition since 1950. An exemplary fact might be the success of clean water and clean air legislation and the US EPA. By comparison, in China, the CCP “universal proletariat” has succeeded in destroying their “petty bourgeois” superiors; and any “red party worker” can pollute the way any other worker might pollute, with no rank over any worker being achieved by such as a chemical engineering PhD.

4) Additional Commentary on Fuels and Electrical Systems

Relative to infrastructure, energy as chemical potential is nearly always superior to any form of transmission or storage.

5) Proofs of Future Scenarios Across Geological Time

In that immediate use of energy makes, or has tended to make, combustion into the most desirable if not the only possible source of at least the entire civilian and most public transportation fuels; consolidated reservoirs of liquid bio carboniferous fuels have been the focal point of terraforming activity for over half a century since the 1956 Superhighway and Defense Act. Similar post WWII agrisocialist paradigm implantation occurred with The Great Leap Forward. 40 million Chinese were killed. Now CPEC seems both road and pipeline to a publicly traded natural resource entering world markets from within Iraqi substrate.

Part III: Transformative Evidentiary Factors

1) North Africa

There is evidence that the desertification of North Africa occurred due to land misuse, that arable lands then became increasingly scarce, and then that the region underwent a Nile river watershed riparian constriction – resultant in diminishing carrying capacity for sapiens – which therefore gave rise to the increasingly oppressive agro-economic staple crop scarcity basis of the oppressive Pharaonic state; prior to exodus.

2) Christ, North, West.

Admittedly, Christ began his run with Joseph, away from Herod, towards Egypt (unless Quran Surah 61 is to be believed). The Alpha and the Omega with the Chi Rho suggest the prior existence of Pentateuchal understandings where Moses traveled north before sending Jacob West as Israel.

3) The US Civil War

South to North, it seems worthy of note that prior to the 1863 Morrill Land Grant University Act; the Bible formed the cornerstone of education for the best Union troops. Thus, in 1861, unionists would have been primarily educated in regards to the wrongdoings of Pharos and Pilate.

4) Domestic and Global Unionist Expansion

The three Union Fronts were the Civil, Indian and Spanish campaigns. Lewis had departed in 1804 on his keel boat reconnoiter of lands where what would be the Indian campaign would later occur in the 1870’s just after the Civil War of the ‘63 Trapdoor Springfield Saint, The Colt .45 and the Gatling Gun.

Napoleon had been bamboozled by Ambassador Franklin and General von Stuben into believing the US interior was a useless wilderness. Therefore, Bonaparte went to Moscow in 1812 rather than utilizing his global might to secure sporadic forts from Québec to San Louis to New Orleans. It was, perhaps, the hubris of having extirpated the North American continent of its French and Native American inhabitants that gave rise to the third Unionist campaign; the global conquest of Imperial Spain via deployment of the Great White Fleet.

5) Czolgostz, Trust, Corporate.

After Czolgost’s assassination of President McKinley; gilded trust legalities began to fracture and were corralled by Theodore Roosevelt’s administration into the then novel corporate system.

6) East of Axial

East of European imperial abdications and axial theoretical foment an often overlooked murk of reductionist political theory took hold and an initial eastward scourge began a further eastward migration.

7) Biocarboniferous Fuels and Systems

Wahhabism, perhaps initiated at Yalta, contributed to fueling the convincing endgame scenario in the Western European, North African, Middle Eastern theater by legitimizing and finalizing the USAAF’s air supremacy over the Luftwaffe. Subsequent infrastructural paradigms thenceforward transcended the Appalachian, Ruhr and Texas paradigm of the time and were causal of infrastructural design on both sides of Brandenburg.

8) Competitive Model Societal Paradigms

Notably the west became a system of public and private domain scenarios notarized by the Morrill and Homestead precedents while reductionist theory and actions intending to force the world into becoming a universal labor proletariat migrated eastward.

9) Wahhabism Towards Finite Liquid Phase Partitions

Eisenhower’s 1956 Superhighway and National Defense Act perpetuated Army and Civilian inertia which had culminated with the actual and diplomatic force of Fat Man and Little Boy. The roads were constructed during a historical time where geologists and industry believed liquid fossil carboniferous fuels to be highly renewable. Notably, a Shell corporation petrogeologist and statistician named M. King Hubbert believed liquid phase organic carboniferous fuels to be finite within a determinable timeframe.

9) Entropy of Life Systems and Virology

Correlated to and contemporaneous with the regional global terraforming of liquid phase carboniferous fuels; realities of Sulfuric and Carbonic acid displacement of elemental mass into our earth’s atmosphere have arisen.

Part IV: Variable Phenomenon

1) Change

Global atmospheric and oceanographic flux has been initiated by element terraforming of sulfur and carbon and the subsequent combustion chemistry phase transformation of these organic fuel usages in sea, air, and land type vehicular, vessel, and craft fleets; as well as in civil applications.

2) The Variable Nature of the Flux

Chemistries of fuels are very engine design specific and thus the flux in globally dispersed atmospheric and oceanographic circumstance is a function of sheer volume magnitudes and the total terraformed displacement of all elemental acids.

3) Scalar Bioscience

Island biogeographic propagule populations of at least a breeding pair or pregnant female are statistically prone to failure in dispersal colonizations. Yet, when capacitated by the entirety of the global multi fleet transportation sector; organic materiel in particular is often, or is often capable of, acting as vector or vector host to said propagules. The gargantuan critical mass of all living, extracted and renewable materiel within the entire global transportation sector scenario is causal of increased statistically defined populations of viable propagules entering indigenous populations.

Part V: Human Sapience

1) From Eden

As though sapience were a breath.

2) Backwards

Lucy Anthropology

3) Forwards

Through the desertification of some causality.


1) Terminus of the Oil Age within Christ’s Epoch

Alpha and Omega.


2) Solution Scenarios

Redesign, remanufacture, redeploy… all systems. Thirty years?

3) Solution’s Absence

A calamitous impending fuels depletion era and humanity’s relegation to the continuation and acceleration of the putrification of earth when survival of sapiens amidst the web of life is dependent upon phase changes of coal ore beneath vast swaths of variable biometric concern.

3) Outcomes

Extractable carboniferous liquid fuels terminus and transportation sector failure, collapse of federalism in the USA, popular exodus migration from population zones to confederal and agronomically self sufficient locales. Failure to redesign, retool, reimplement, and redeploy all existing systems, vehicles, vessels and craft within the currently apparent proven reserves depletion continuum of decades. Overburden removal devastation during coal seam access and the subsequent filth of a liquification process requisite even if to vital logistical systems only.

4) Electric Fantasy or Coal Liquification Putrescence

We now near a century of research failure in superconductor development. Vertical and highly condensed urban civil structural and electrical distribution reality often prevents power generation proximal to massive population centers due to this aforementioned electrical engineering scientific law. Nuclear systems prevail amidst urban centers while “off grid” generation is often a vital yet albeit contentious biocarbon electrical generation scenario within vital agronomical and other natural resource based productivity zones. There are also finite quantities of geological lithium and cadmium ore for battery production with further access and overburden removal complications common within land use domain and substrate access legalities .

5) Apocalypse one, Apocalypse two.

In decades perhaps pestilence, famine, and violence from any ostensible total collapse of the entire global transportation sector along a materiel rationing continuum could become manifest. This threat of that systems failure and the requisite multi fleet replacement will exist a-priori to an indeterminate timeframe during which the ecosphere will purportedly die beginning with oceans polluted by the atmosphere by terraforming over time, due to the requisite fleet perpetuation via liquified coal. (“biodiversity” is now in the greatest extinction “event” since the Cretaceous period and time may demonstrate the vitality of interconnected species for sapien viability)

It thus seems that the planet is likely to die when the oceans are killed due to acidification which is thought to kill estuarine gyre linkages. Static gyres will shatter earth’s thermodynamic climatological regulatory system. There is an unknown timeframe for this that is on the order of centuries.

Energy in quantity and being of the particular chemistries utile in existing engine designs will reach terminal depletion on a curve of diminishing recovery of known reserves on a several decade timeline.

The current threat of energy depletion, and of impending civil and logistical systems collapse, is greatly more contemporaneous to now, and, also more readily determined via spatial/temporal proximal data inferences -generated by statistical mathematical assessments- compared to any geospatial and temporally incongruous thermal statistics postulation founded upon dispersed oceanological, atmospheric, polar, silvicultural proxy climatology theorem purportedly therefore documented across geological time.

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