The Abraham Lincoln versus Stephen Douglas debates prior to the Union’s first campaign against the Southern Confederal states who were resisting the federalization actions of the time, and whom were then therefore in opposition to Massachusetts Bay Colony industriousness in particular; premonished, during their orations, a further and unyielding Unionist southward momentum against Imperial Spain.

Yet, first, and before the conquest of Imperial Spain; the Sioux were extirpated by the Union… throughout “The Land of Lincoln” and beyond; towards Elkhorn Ranch.

The Roosevelt correlary to the Monroe Doctrine held, post bellum, as the logical and true tack relative to the abdications and overthrow of European monarchies which were then occurring amidst the foment of subversion relative to certain German theories then festering in opposition to monarchy and to the more domestic USA Trust system.

The dispossession of France in accordance with Napoleonic blunderings into Russia, Syria, and Egypt, was undeniably contemporaneous to the enforcement of Monroe abroad and also of Unionist assertion of dominion across the US Interior.

Further, France and Napoleon’s dismissal of the Great Plains as being only a barren and uncultivable wilderness, prior to the Deere Moldboard, proved the quintessential historical global commodities misfeasance of the early 20th Century; amidst the fractured western global monarchical and trust system… as it toppled into new and unproven corporate legal definitions.