Page has begun. Most information anticipated to be published herein pertains to Eastern Seaboard Wildlife & Fisheries Biology.

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A disclaimer regarding firearms in wildlife biology:

I, /Simon A. Flynn was once, in around 1995, hiking/mountaineering just past the off trail silent spring which is East of the trail near the summit of Gregory Bald. I was a ways beyond the summit of that great mountain within the USDOI GSMNP, (Proximal to Biltmore, and the Cherokee Nation’s Reservation) and I saw a white tail deer (Quadruped, Ungulate, Leviticus 11) grazing with a severely broken and dislocated left front leg. I only had a jackknife and could do nothing to alleviate it’s plight. I have believed in the National Rifle Association since. Nature culls these animals from otherwise healthy herds. Otherwise, Rangers are charged with the responsiblity for herd health in a similar way to other ungulates such as Bovidae. This was, of course, prior to NPS reintroduction of the Red Wolf in the Eastern parks. The “Balds” are still maintained by the NPS due to the continued absence of the American Bison

Regarding trophy hunting and species specific trophic levels:

Theodore Roosevelt’s Boone and Crockett Club is our USA’s premier trophy hunting organization. Wildlife Biologists have valid ideas regarding herd culls. The DDT trophic accumulation story was epitomized by Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring”.

Vehicles, Vessels and Craft (weather balloons and drones)