The Mason Dixon line stands as the primary zonal configuration aspect of our USA. Our most essential national perimeters and internal boundaries include the 49th parallel, the Rio Grande, our contentious latitudinal construct, and the 200 mile maritime border of our nation, which was set by the Magnusen Stevens Act. Biometric limitrophes include the Mississippi River, Appalachia, and the Rocky Mountain Range.

The USA Matrice includes both conceptual and physical limitrophes wherein jurisdictional hierarchies and cartography symbol plot depictions of reality are assessed by census, survey, and dead reckoned type methodologies.

Observational data, imagery, and even poetry can be garnered via manifold vantages therein causal of perfectly applicable specimen collection. And, cartograpic depictions of explicable ideations can potentially be seen from nearly all quantum magnitudes, as in from satellite imagery to microscopy procedures; wherein both calculable and theoretical assessments of concerns can thereby be iterated.

And, cognition of real and suppositional fact are represented and seen on map typifications via programmatic access points such as a GIS system like ArcGIS.

Exemplary parameter assessments can and do attempt to and often succeed at explaining factors of reality everywhere in God’s creation. And, perhaps, the demarcation of positive and negative ideation valuations that exist across gradients was generative of the fundamental bicameralism penned into our USA’s legal structure by Thomas Jefferson; which was later exceedingly problematic during the mid 1800’s.

Specificities of cartography are inclusive of cartographic phenomenon such as our aforementioned zonal paradigmatic politic, our “primary Morrill industrial” base and transport locales as they pertain to persons, as well as to the educations, professions, service, ideas and activities of persons; often described by a scatter plot GIS methodology. Additionally, pertaining civil structures, materiel, and logistical routes of vehicles, vessels, craft, parts, and fuels have coordinates and various values.

And, significant, variably defined, latitudinal, longitudinal, and altitudinous coordinate descriptors; as well as descriptors of mass, velocity, thermodynamics, density, organic Lineal and organic proximal biometrics, and also other definitions of place exemplified by limnological and maritime intra-perimeter geological and organic resources, and by conservation, use, preservation, harvest and extraction points and their strategies can be defined in and around our biotic habitation equilibrium normalcies as defined as our physiologies and our homes as contextual to familial and professional life. 

Additionally, and returning to the initial “Zonalism”  title of this essay: the substantive, static, migratory, and jurisdictional delineation definitions of the Mason Dixon and “territory to state” derived Frontier are extremely important.

Within a citizen of our USA, the GIS coordinate system includes sagittal, coronal and lateral planes. This paper augments the existence of both larger and lesser graduated demarcatations relative to the primary zonal aspect of the Morrill 1863 Federalization, and are then what are the sub demarcations within the North and South and gradiated Frontier aspects of what is typically considered cartography…

The formulation of the Federal map ideation is herein described as inherently being latitudinally, longitudinally, and altitudinally defined “zones”; including lines depicting motion as defined by rhumb.

…A map full of descriptors upon which the sapien and the sapience trods, descends, and may ascend above.

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