Archaeopteryx Caduceus

Postulation: Perhaps a caduceus should convey an evolutionary biological vitality and Godly sentience of organisms as components of a biometrically defined Creation. Further, there seems to be both this overall state of being alive, and also it’s residual nature upon earth.

Earthly life and death are distinct from one another and yet more distinct still from the non bio-carboniferous geology of the earth.

It is here thus hypothesized that the nature of this vitality, within this Godly sentience, and also of it’s carboniferous aftermath; by being empowered by the Sun thence and thus into trophic interactions between producer and consumer organisms, is a biometric entirety of birth, growth, reproduction and death; with a singular stellar energy source.

Archaeopteryx Caduceus

First, I need to admit that I am not a competent global taxonomist nor a taxidermist, even in my own back yard, and that my continuums of evolutionary taxonomy across geological space and time are also neither linear nor complete. I have also ceased the independent trick of concocted Linnaeus Latin. I believe that the history of taxonomic terminology, as well as more modern genetic comparisons, attempts a description of increasingly accurate yet fragmented depictions of evolutionary pathways whereby the moment of creation, as it is occurring, may be explained in the sense of it’s being “before and after” it’s instant.

Genetics has certainly rearranged the lettering, yet not necessarily the concepts, of Carlus Linnaeus and Fr. Gregor Mendel. Theirs were temporal methods of understanding for certain; just as, even within the ’90’s, I saw that same temporal variability within the truth of theoretical molecular modeling; where Newtonian orbitals of particulates transformed across copyright years in texts into fields of ethereal electromagnetic mist. It became possible to believe in an insubstantial world where matter itself was really nothing more than radiation measured in megahertz. To think; homing pigeon sensation and an HF/AM signal both transcend the walls of a barn within which is a roost. Therefore, what is perception?

It is similar to stories of animals whose taxonomy and geographic habitat parameters can be apparently similar to one another whilst the various coevolved or entirely distinct species which inhabit distant locales have either a wild Galapagan finch speciation Darwinism truth, or contrarily, perhaps, no determinable island biogeographical theoretical basis -nor the expected genetic correlation present to define the trait that is or is not there. Tracking speciations from such times as before glacial force deposited Adirondack peaks as the Long Island terminal moraine can lead to difficult proofs about prevailing winds similar to off Ecuador that may or may not have displaced finches and iguanas. For example: marsupials all over Australia and one species present in North America. How? Traits of mammalian reproduction, birds, bees and flowers? All, it might be said; the evolving crest of a wave of sunlight, from the genesis of which some guiding premise of a good shepherd and a gatekeeper has shown the path to the flock of all living things.

There are evolutionary markers of distinct adaptive capacities competing for supremacy. Consider flowers that are not true flowers yet persist as organisms, or insects capable of seeing those that are true flowers by seeing into frequencies of light imperceptible to humans. Snakes that “smell” light and heat heat energy with their tongues; again, imperceptible except by touch, to humans.

Evolutionary biology is both before and after the instant we are in. Where it’s powered by the sun, life is constantly being created. Beginning with solar photons, the organization of genetics focuses energy on perpetuating the protein memories of reproductive ontogeny. That’s not to mention the chaos induced by, for example, global arbor culture since the bio-carboniferous fuels age truly accelerated the world transportation sector. From there in this analogy of life as a limitrophe of a biocarboniferous aspect of the earth; symbiosis is a complexity of plants and plant diseases including those of trees quantified via forest mensuration, and insects, including insects as hosts of microorganisms like viruses followed by the trophic consumers of herbivory and herbivores. A good question might be “what is the good shepherd and the gatekeeper relative to the “sunlight wave” mentioned above”?


Relative to the continuums of Linnaeus and Darwin; Archaeopteryx is theorized to be a very important arcane speciation from a herpetological lineage which at the point of said speciation diverged at archaeopteryx -into Aves. A true snake in a tree. The story is that an insectivorous lizard became increasingly adept at catching insects when forelimb scales elongated into achieving better bug catching capacity. Then, in the process of leaping forward towards flying insects; archaeopteryx gradually became able to gain a better and better leaping ability with the help of these scales; morphing over time into feathers. With “tail feather” scales providing balance in these leaps of increasing distance; archaeopteryx eventually took flight and the speciation became a branch within chordate Animalia into Class Aves and thence, it is believed, into all avian species. For some it is similar in some history of heretical science to Galileo’s observation of the diurnal heavens.

The Caduceus, with wings perhaps of Icarus or Daedalus, depicts a brood of serpents upon the staff of AEsculphius. Here I’ve added the Masonic eye of providence and some depictions of mathematics, along with the AE diphthong which seems to connect the Greek and Roman worlds, and, the Alpha and the Omega; the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet which correspond to Genesis and Armageddon.

The archaeopteryx caduceus is the recapitulatory evidence of evolutionary process, both linear across time and by some other function of eternal intelligence in design.

It is difficult to envision the lighting strikes and sunshine photons causal of life’s genesis upon the Deep of some perhaps cyclical period of eras ago whence ribonucleic polymers formed like gametes and in the hydroelectric flux swirled together into DNA. Difficult to imagine without God. This, in the weather systems of the volatile and volcanic Gia Pangean atmospheric and oceanic conditions wherein less saline tidal and limnological pools, responding to lunar gravitation, and to seasonal thermogenesis, from volcanism or at latitude from the axial tilting of the Earth, relative to the sun, froze in autumn and thawed again vernally. And, then, that whatever had swirled into becoming DNA might then have been imbibed by some membrane vacuole built of hydrophobic and hydrophilic polymer chains all, in turn, seems to create further questions. If vacuoles capable of selective permeability imbibed the RNA/DNA mechanisms of protein synthesis encryption; did they also imbibe “yeast like” non nuclear vacuoles which were capable of secreting chemicals or expelling salinity, or other specialized vacuoles which had encountered and isolated Phosphorus and thence become energy producers which would later begin to photosynthesize and give that energy to the new and larger eukaryotes?

So, returning to this “Archaeopteryx Caduceus” postulation: What was it, in the beginning, that had such a profound effect upon the Deep? And since that initial causation of life found in organisms; what premise of a “Good Shepherd”, such as is perhaps found in the the “Watchmaker Theorem” might offer a reason to believe in the star that ruled the deep or that it was causal at that epoch of the genesis of life and it’s encrypted intelligent design, written of here? Beyond any hypothesis of photosynthesis as the primary producer of life; what perpetuates the undeniably guided intelligent design of life on earth? What sensation, what inexplicable evolutionary quirk, what perception, what tolerance?

Example: all whales and porpoises breath through the back of their necks. Their morphologically different bone structure, however, has, nonetheless, all the same bones as all mammals i.e. radius and ulna in the forelimbs of 100% of mammals despite morphological change in size. Marine whales and porpoises are believed to have been maritime, then terrestrial, then to have returned to maritime habitat. None breathe from the side of their head. There isn’t a single species of whale or porpoise with a twisted jawbone.

“The Good Shepherd” or “the watchmaker” allows the light to shine upon the deep where it is causal of creation, the process of evolution proceeds naturally in the sunshine, and yet at times the intelligently designed watch needs to have its time calibrated or a battery replaced. Who is the good shepherd? What is the premise of eternal life and a guiding force.

IN ist das Tor.